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  1. Hi All,Cx-Supervisor, NJ501-1340, Sysmac Gateway.I have been writing an update for a project and converting to this new controller.It's a pretty big project.Using a combination of Ladder and ST.Using Cx-Supervisor 3.5.I created some new Variables in Studio and made them Publish only.Started to create Points in Supervisor and made them I/O connected to the variables in Studio. No problems everything was connecting and working just fine.Then one of the points would not update. I could change it in the PLC and it would not change On the HMI.I deleted it and recreated it and it did the same thing. (sometimes points in Supervisor just stop working and recreating them fixes it).I then copied the control and pasted the old point into it and it did the same. Then other started to fail. Showing no reaction.I stopped the gateway and restarted, no help, I rebuilt the HMI, nope.The can check the tags in Sysmac gateway and they always change when the PLC changes but not the HMI.I checked the point maintenance in Supervisor and it would not change.I dumped all the affected variable in the PLC and in the HMI and recreated them. Then it got stranger.I could change some on the HMI and it would show in the PLC but not the other way.This is on Bools and UINTS.Stopped CX-server, tried using it with Win8 compatibility. nope.Pulling my hair out now. I should be coding but I'm trying to get the apps to work.Any ideas will be used with thanks.Peter
  2. Hello, I do not do much Omron work but I do have one large project thats on it's 3rd rev. I have approx 680 symbols/points that are passed between CX-Supervisor and a CJ2M-CPU15. I am using the USB cooms with the ormon usb driver. My update rates are very bad. I'm looking at 4 to 8 seconds.  I have not laid out my points as described in the manual of best pratices because i didn't know it was an issue.  I have seached for information on this and i hope that i'm missing something. I could change to a CJ2M- CPU35 and use the ethernet but i don't know how much better that would be. Even USB-2  has a 60Mbs rate but i would guess that the legacy driver would not be that efficient. What are you people seeing in therms of performance, points and best practices for point alignment? Thanks Peter
  3. Got it solved. As usual a simple thing. The Me project was in EN(GB) and the Se project was in En(US). Change of languages. No En(US) to import. Ok Solved. Hope this helps others. Regards Peter
  4. This is just Text written into text boxes. No tags, no communications. You would think that Text boxes would be the easiest thing to convert. Peter
  5. Hi All, I have written a quite large ME project with a view to converting it to SE and using it on a PC too. I started in ME after reading that it's possible to convert to SE but with some restrictions. Anyway, I opened a new SE project and imported the ME project from the MED file and found that none of the Text boxes had any data, just a ?. Most of the other graphical items and animations etc look good. I also tried importing directly in to the Graphics folder. same result. Any ideas? Regards Peter
  6. Update. I had the local guys modify the motor driver settings to send the heatsink temp as a parameter. Read it on the PLC as 17 (degrees C) Yay. I was thought the system was not working because the only data that showed were zeros. Thanks for all the help. Peter
  7. Thanks for the explanation, explains some things that were bugging me. I did indeed put that rung in to put the scanner into run. And a few other things too for status and data etc. I do have about 12 licences for this project including Linx. Haven't had time to find out why it's not active. I recently re-hosted them from my laptop to the final server. I'm in Brasil and the server is in Scotland. I'll have someone make some data available to test the comms. Big project for me, has Controlnet, Devicenet, Profibus, Serial, EthernetIP. Seems it's always the comms that makes my head hurt most. Hopefully only Profibus to do now. Thanks again. Peter
  8. Thanks for the speedy reply. The Drive is an Invertek Optidrive (PDF) With a OPT-2-DEVNT-IN Device net card. See file. Unfortunately i'm remote from the system right now but have been told that there are no errors on the scanner. I just had the incredibly good idea of looking at the message in the tag list it alternates between RUN and A#01 I would expect to see some sort of data activity in the input tags. The Local:2:S.ActiveNodeRegister[0] = 2#0000_1000 (looks like node 3 to me) I have the one drive connected at node 3. Peter 82-DEVNET-CC DeviceNet Interface Iss 1.10.pdf
  9. Hi all, I'm new to this forum. Thanks in advance for all your help and information I have already received as a non member. I have a new project and have just moved on to using DeviceNet. I have RSNetworx for DeviceNet V11, Rslogix 5000 V20, Rslinx Classic Lite 2.59 (should not be lite, need to find out why) Running on Windows 7 64 Bit. Also using Factorytalk SE and ME for the HMIs. I have a 1756-DNB scanner and am connecting to 3 VFDs. I don’t have much of and EDS file but it uses 4 words in and 4 out. No parameters. I set up the network in RSNetworx and can see the scanner and the VSDs. I have configured both and can see the whole network in RSLinx under the EthernetIP route. I have created the Devicenet config file for use in the Logix program and have that loaded and the scanner switched to RUN. That’s the good parts. This is where I’m now not sure of what I’m doing and have a couple of questions. In RSLinx do I need to create a Devicenet driver to allow the communications? In Linx there is no option for the devicenet driver. I understand that is a problem with 64 bit but have not resolved it. I am not a member of Techconnect and cannot see the solution. I don’t want to pay the cash unless I need it. (as a side note, I don’t understand why I have to pay to find out how to configure windows to work with the expensive software.) In RsLogix I have the Scanner installed but cannot see the drives in the tree. And the ‘Discover Modules’ is grayed out. Is this normal?. I Know that the actual polled data is in the Devicenet memory allocated in the Controller Tags. I am not sure it’s configured correctly as there is no input data coming from the VSDs. I hope I am making some sense with this. I have done extensive searching and reading of the manuals but am still unsure of what I should be seeing. Thanks Peter