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  1. PLC5 Subroutine Access

    Goodday everyone, I am relatively new to PLC5 so need some help I know in Control logix we access subroutines using JSR instruction in main routine but I am not sure in case of PLC5 I have written some instructions in LAD13 of PLC5 but coils dont update based on XIC input. LAD13 is currently empty. My rung is quite simple like this -| |----------------------------( )-- I checked LAD2 but there is no such thing as JSR for any routines. Program in LAD14 are running and if I write same rung in LAD14 it works Can anyone help. Looks like a stupid mistake to me though :)
  2. GE 90 30 Serial Communication

    I have a GE Fanuc 90 30 PLC and I need to communicate this PLC with an LSI Router. LSI router supports Serial RS 232 communication in binary or ASCII format. I have written a code following GE 0582D Serial Communications manual. I have used COMMREQ instructions to read data at PLC end. Code is successful to read one byte of data only but it fails when greater than one byte is transferred. I need to know how in what sequence should I use COMMREQs? (1. Initialize port, 2. Select Buffer length, 3. Read Bytes/ String, 4. Cancel COMMREQ) If anyone has successfully implemented serial communication RS-232 (Binary / ASCII) for Series 90 30 with a third party device, please share the technique.