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  1. Hi Everybody. Where can I download a trial copy of Schneider Unity Pro 8.0 from? I have looked everywhere but couldn't find anything at all. Much appreciated.
  2. Our PanelView Plus 1500 simply died a couple of weeks ago. I was able to swap just the Logic module (from another PanelView) and get it working again. And now I have to get the other PanelView working again. Inside the Logic module, there are four components: The SD-RAM, the CF Card that holds the Operating System, the Motherboard (with processors, I/O, etc) and finally a Power Supply board that takes in 220vac and supplies power to the Motherboard via a 10 pin connector. I have attached a picture of the power supply board. I found out that this board had some burnt out electronic components. Now, the wires in the 10 pin connector, from the Power board to Motherboard, are color coded. So I used an ATX Power supply from a PC to power up the module. I followed the standard color coding as, Red for +5VDC, Orange for +3.3VDC, Yellow for 12VDC and black commonned up to 0VDC. There is another brown wire which I am not sure of and left it unconnected. With those connections the logic modules switches on but saw the Fault LED on the side turn on. It looked encouraging, so I put together everything and switched on but there is no display. I connected the previously unconnected Brown wire to 3.3VDC, still nothing. Has anyone taken this route before? Can anyone throw some light on the pin layout of the 10 pin connector? Should the Brown wire be pulled down to 0VDC? Thanks to everyone. Sasi.