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  1. Have an Allen-Bradley Panelview Plus, Cat. #2711P-RDT10C, Series B that I need to upload and provide a backup for my customer. Have Factory Talk View Studio, Version 10.00 for software.Can someone provide assistance as to the steps to be taken as well as any possible problems that may occur. Customer does not have any data available other than the fact that the original company has gone out of business. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  2. CX-Programmer and CQM1H-CPU51

    Thank you Jay, but your attachment did not come through.
  3. CX-Programmer and CQM1H-CPU51

    Have a customer that has an Omron, CQM1H-CPU51 plc that he needs to have uploaded in order to plan a conversion to newer hardware.  I have the CX-One software package which includes CX-Programmer Version Is this software able to connect to the existing CPU and upload the resident program. If able, are communications cables still available. Thank you all.
  4. There is an example configuration that I posted about a week ago that provides a detailed example as to how to use the PLS function.Open the program and it should provide the info you require.
  5. This logic works and fulfills all of your requirements, single counter, preset of 5 and no math instructions used. Tested operation and it works. Not sure if I should post this, as this is a school assignment but I see that other forum members have already posted logic.
  6. pcmccartney1, I've posted a test configuration done with a Micrologix 1200 which works properly. The procedure is the same for a Micrologix 1400, except that more counters are available. The Micrologix 1200 has a single high-speed counter HSC:0. Hope it helps someone else out there . ML1200 TEST PROGRAM V1.2.RSS
  7. Problem has been solved. The PLS function does not operate in the typical fashion associated with a conventional hardware PLS, though it can be made to work.
  8. Hello Everyone, Is there anyone on this forum who has successfully configured the PLS  function on any of the Micrologix controllers. I have a Micrologix 1200 and configured the PLS for a 3 element function, following the example in Chapter 5 of the Reference manual as follows ; HSC:0 MOD = A00, HSC:0.OMB = 768, HSC:0.HPO = 768 PLS10:0, HIP = 250, OHD = 0000  0000  0000  0000 PLS10:1, HIP = 500, OHD = 0000  0001  0000  0000 PLS10:2, HIP = 1000, OHD = 0000  0010  0000  0000 Connected encoder and applied pulses continuously. First go round, HSC:0.ACC counts up to 250, then resets to 0, counts up to 500, then resets to 0, counts up to 1000, then resets to 0. This sequence just keeps repeating over and over and is causing very erratic  action on the selected outputs(Output 8 and 9). The outputs are turning on and off but not at the accumulator counts that I expected.  Any ideas as to what may be wrong will be greatly appreciated, Thank you
  9. Looking for help, Have a Micrologix 1400, 1766-32BXBA. Using the Function file, configured HSC:4 to count pulses coming in on input I:0/6 and set the OMB to decimal 128, to turn on output O:0/7 when the High Preset is reached. The accumulator counts up fine, resets at the preset of 955, then counts up again but output O:0/7 does not turn on when the High Preset is reached. Any assistance will be greatly                 appreciated. HSC:4 Configuration:  PFN=9, FE=1, AS=1, CE=1, CU=1, MOD=0, HIP=955, LOP=(-)2147483648, OVF=2147483647, UNF=(-)2147483648, OMB=128 Rest of configuration parameters are set to "0"
  10. Monitoring PLC thru A970GOT

    Crossbow, Thank you very much for your assistance, constructed the cable, worked like a charm. Thanks again. Manuel
  11. Monitoring PLC thru A970GOT

    Working on an old, Mitsubishi controller consisting of an A1SHCPU and a A970GOT HMI. Need to be able to monitor the PLC program thru the HMI. I am fairly certain that the HMI is already configured to permit this as the auxiliary serial port on the HMI was originally brought out to an external DB connector. Unfortunately the original cable is no longer around. I looked around my old Mitsubishi manuals but could not find any reference as to the proper construction of this cable. Does anyone have the pin-outs for constructing this cable? Thank you. Manuel
  12. Versamax Micro remote access

    Hello All, A customer has several assembly machines with Versamax Micro, 23 I/O controllers. These machines are being moved to another state and I need to be able to access the controllers if a problem should develop. What options/modules are available to permit remote access. I have looked at the IC200SET001 Ethernet module but it doesn't appear that this unit has a web server allowing Internet access. Has anyone ever used this module or other methods to communicate with the Versamax Micro. Thank you for any and all assistance.
  13. I would like to know if its possible to use Channel 2 on the Micrologix 1400 to upload/download the program. Channel 0 is currently being used by a Panelview 600 screen. I know I can add an AIC module but is it posiible to use this port as the programming port and which cable is required? Thank you. Manuel
  14. Versamax Micro HSC problem

    Thank you Steve. While looking at the data tables, with the format set to hex, I did notice the number prefixed by 16# but a light didn't go off. Thank you again, my problem should be resolved.
  15. Versamax Micro HSC problem

    Help please, Using a Versamax Micro(23 I/O). Have HSC configured for 1 Type A/1 Type B counters, using counter B. Need to load new value into counter's accumulator. Programmed one-shot logic to load constants using two BLKMOV_INT instructions and a COM_REQ instruction. The following data is loaded; 1st BLKMOV_INT : IN 1=0004, IN 2=0000, IN 3=0000, IN 4=0000, IN 5=0000, IN 6=0000, IN 7=0000, Q=%R02001 2nd BLKMOV_INT : IN 1=0000, IN 2=0008, IN 3=2010, IN 4=0101, IN 5=1000, IN 6=0000, IN 7=0000, Q=%R02008 COM_REQ : IN=%R02001, SYSID=4, TASK=000 When the COM_REQ is called, the value of the accumulator does not change. The counter is otherwise working properly. Using Proficy Machine Edition, V5.50. The only reason I used BLKMOV_INT instructions instead of BLKMOV_WORD is that I could not figure out a way to enter hexadecimal data, without generating errors. Any help would be appreciated. Manuel