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  1. Legacy Factory Talk View Project

    Good morning everyone!   I tried to open an older project with Factory Talk View ME which was last opened with “FactoryTalk View Studio 5.0 “. The current version that I have installed and licensed is Release Number 9.00.00 (CPR 9 SR 9), Patch/Pack Number: 00, Build Number 241. Upon opening the project, I receive the following error message:   “The target HMI project is a legacy project (Factory Talk View v6.00 or earlier). Please use the legacy Tag Database utility to convert its tag database to the new format (Factory Talk View v6.10 or later) before opening the HMI project on a computer running on a 64-bit operating system. Refer to Help for guidance.”   I tried to use the Legacy Tag Database Conversion tool, selected “Create Factory Talk View Tag Database in new format”, then I selected “Factory Talk view Machine Edition”, selected the source folder and used the option to “Search Sub-folders”. After hitting the Next button it shows a list of available projects, but the one project that I try to convert is not listed.   Any ideas how to approach this? Is it possible to install multiple revision supports with Factory Talk View? So, far I always used the latest and just created the run time as an older version, if the panel I used wasn’t updated.   Please let me know what you guys think I should try.
  2. RSLogix Emulate Troubles

    Good evening everyone.   I just recently tried to get into the whole RSLogix Emulate 5000 setup, for training purposes and setup. In our AB Software directory I found and installer for RSLogix Emulate 5000 (which was located in the installer directory of 21.03.01 Firmware support. I’m not sure if I installed it correctly, but it wasn’t part of the installer, as it had Its own installer which I ran and received following error:   Running setup.exe: The files for installation requirement Rockwell Automation Driver Package x64 could not be found. The installation will now stop. This is probably due to a failed, or canceled download.   Running RSEmulate 500.msi: 1.       A severe error occurred while using our EDS services component. Contact Rockwell Automation Support for Assistance.   After clicking OK, the installation continues nevertheless, but throws the following error: 2.       RegOpenKeyEx-1 failed. (Window Titlebar reads C:\Windows\ Installer\MSIC5F8.tmp)   However, the installation continues and doesn’t fault out, but when I try to start the emulator I get: Unable to read Virtual Backplane status. Please make sure that RSLinx Classic is installed and the Virtual Backplane driver is running. Click OK to terminate the Chassis Monitor.   I do have RSLinx Classics installed (Revision 3.90.00 CPR 9 SR 9) and running with the mentioned driver. However I also do know that the manual of the emulator reads that it can not be installed on a PC where SofLogix5800 controller is installed.   Looking ath the Installed Controller Support I see that SoftLogix5800 support is enabled by my RSLogix 5000 install, I just don’t know how to uninstall it, or if that is the reason, why my Emulator doesn’t install & run properly.   I unfortunately can not afford Rockwell Support, otherwise I would call there to find answers.     Please advise of what else I could try.
  3. Profibus DP I/O at 1769-L36ERM

    Hi all, just wondering if you guys can suggest a module to interface with an external I/O module that uses Profibus. I have the following Set-up PLC: 1769-L36ERM DI: 1769-IQ16F DO: 1769-OB16 Profibus Slave I/O: Beckhoff any idea, which I/O module I would need for my PLC to interface with the Beckhoff I/O Module? It's a BK3100 or BK3110Thanks guys
  4. Hi all, (about 1769-L30ER CompactLogix 5370 Controller + Generic Ethernet Module) I have a quick question on how to trap a signal in RSLogix 5000. I have an ABB Pluto Safety PLC (Pluto 0 = B46, Pluto 1 = B20) in my System and communicate with them via an ethernet gateway (also from ABB). My suspicion is, that the Ethernet Gateway drops communication sometimes and I miss Signals, which causes my machine to stop. It is a generic Ethernet-Module 1.1) See screenshots attached. I'm wondering if there is a status bit available that I could use to latch in an internal bool flag/marker if I loose communication with that ethernet module. I noticed that sometimes the I/O status led on my 1769-L30ER CompactLogix 5370 Controller starts flashing. If someone can please let me know in which direction I need to look here, to find a status bit in my PLC to set-up a trap. Thanks guys! Studiologe
  5. Array in RSLogix 500

    Is there a way for me to create an Array in RSLogix 500? I'm trying to create a DW Array with 3 Elements. for example: Station_1_Sequence[0].0 - Station_1_Sequence[0].31 Station_1_Sequence[1].0 - Station_1_Sequence[1].31 Station_1_Sequence[2].0 - Station_1_Sequence[2].31 It's a 1-Dimensional Array each Array Element has 32 Bits (0-31) and there are 3 Elements (0-2) USING Micrologix 1000 in RSLogix500. Thanks guys
  6. Cyclic trigger

    Hello all, I'm using RSLogix 5000 and all I need is a simple Bit that triggers every 100-300ms. Doesn't really matter how exact somewhere inbetween. I know that I did a similar thing in RSLogix 500 using the S:4/7 Bit. How would I do that in RSLogix 5000? CPU is 1769-L35E And for Now I just want to Pulse an Output every .x seconds just to get a flashing Light for now. Thanks for any advice
  7. Step Chain Logic

    Yeah that is what I was planning on doing, but how would the ladder diagramm look like? I am very new to LADDER style programming and totally new to the GE FANUC PLC's I used to only program in Statement List in Siemens S7..... Please give me a small hint with Instructions or if you have it handy a screenshot. Appreciate it. THANKS
  8. Step Chain Logic

    Hi all, I'm trying to come up with a step chain based logic for my PLC to control simple Machine operations and I would like to be able to activate a Single-Step Mode and go one Step at a time FORWARDS or BACKWARDS. After each Step is executed, the Step-Counter increments and goes to the next instruction, unless it's in reverse mode, then it will decrement and go to the previous step. Does anyone have a short example with a few Steps in LADDER that I could use as template? Thanks
  9. WINCC Flexible bug?

    Hi all, does anyone know why I can't access any of my DBs in my WinCCFlexible? I got a new (old) Laptop and installed all the same SW on there like on the one I was using before. Then when I tried working on my Project, I can't access any Tags in my processors DataBlocks. See attached Pictures as reference. Also if you guys know a bugfix or hotfix for that please let me know. Thaanks
  10. Old Software needed

    Hello together, I'm working on a GE Fanuc CPU Series 90-30. The Laptop I was using broke and it had all the Software installed on it that I need. Any idea where I can find the Software for download? It uses a DOS-based command windows interface as programming platform. Since I can't find the original set-up floppy disks anywhere, it would be good if someone knows where to find it. I do have the original upgrade disks to upgrade it, but none to install. Any ideas where I can find that Software, since our Sales Rep even said that they don't distribute it any longer. Thanks guys.
  11. WinCCFlex Cross Output Access

    Hello, any ideas how I could access a single bit inside my byte? I know how it would be done with an array Dim test 'This accesses Element 0 of an Array test = SmartTags("Area_03\Doors\Area3_Door_Selections")(0) So if my SmartTag "Area3_Door_Selections" was a Byte, how would I do it then? 'This assigns the value of Bit 0 in Byte "Area3_Door_Selections" to Tag "test" test = ???? Please help
  12. WinCCFlex Cross Output Access

    Hello People of the Forum I have a really tricky question about VBS in WinCCFlexible. What I'm trying to do is controlling 8 Outputs based on Selection and event. I don't want to do it in the PLC with a DB, since I have really limited Memory and I'm already on the brink of exceeding it. I have 8 Doors, 8 Windows, 8 Panic Buttons, 8 Smoke Detectors, 8 Motion Detectors In my HMI I can select/deselect each Door, Window, MD.... I also want to be able to assign one or more of the 8 Outputs (Byte 310) to each Door, Window... So there will be some kind of CROSS-ACCESS As you can see in the picture, Output Bit 0 is controlled by Door_2, Door_5 but can also be controlled by one of the other sensors (Window, Motion, Smoke, or Panic) each of the red/green squares accesses a Bit of an individual Byte in the HMI, see next screenshot. I don't have all Tags programmed, yet since I want to know if that is going to work this way or not first. So it is going to be a huge amount of data and calculation. I'm not familiar with the VBS language, but took an approach already and don't know how to cross access the Tags from my script and how to call the script. How do I do something like the following (trying to access single bits in my Door_3.1, Door_3.2... Bytes) Output_3_0 = ((Door_3.1(Bit0)) & (Door_3.1 Selected) &! (Door_3.1 Feedback) ) OR ((Door_3.2(Bit0)) & (Door_3.2 Selected) &! (Door_3.2 Feedback) ) OR ((Door_3.3(Bit0)) & (Door_3.3 Selected) &! (Door_3.3 Feedback) ) OR . . . ((Window_3.1(Bit0)) & (Window_3.1 Selected) &! (Window_3.1 Feedback) ) OR ((Window_3.2(Bit0)) & (Window_3.2 Selected) &! (Window_3.2 Feedback) ) OR ((Window_3.3(Bit0)) & (Window_3.3 Selected) &! (Window_3.3 Feedback) ) OR . . . ((MD_3.1(Bit0)) & (MD_3.1 Selected) &! (MD_3.1 Feedback) ) OR ((MD_3.2(Bit0)) & (MD_3.2 Selected) &! (MD_3.2 Feedback) ) OR ((MD_3.3(Bit0)) & (MD_3.3 Selected) &! (MD_3.3 Feedback) ) OR And so on for all Sensor Types (Door, Window, Motion, Panic, Fire) and then for each output Any idea? I tried to access the single bits in my Door_3.? Byte via ShiftAndMask, but that was a desperate try that didn't ended in anything usefull... Please help me before Burglar break in lol Any ideas appreciated
  13. OSR error in 1762 micrologix1200 cpu

    Never mind, just found it. There is another OSR instruction for that type of processor. It just didn't come up, as I copied it from another project. So Solution was, that I had to drag in the OSR instruction while in my current project. Thanks anyways. <CLOSED>
  14. Hello Team First of all Happy Happy Memorial Day, even tho the weather sucks, try to enjoy it. I'm currently using the bad weather to catch up on some of my projects. Here is my Problem that I need your expert INPUT for: Processor: AB MICROLOGIX 1200 Ser C (1762-L40BXB) I have a single PushButton to toggle the Mode from MANUAL to AUTO and I copied my usual Toggle Routine in which works in my other Processors (Micrologix 1000). But here I get the following error: OSR instruction is not valid on the currently selected processor! -> Bul.1762 MicroLogix 1200 Series C(1 or 2 Comm Ports) see attached screenshot. Please advise how I could bypass this error and program the Toggle for my mem-bit differently. Thanks folks
  15. Cyclic Blink Flag

    Wow! That's great guys! Thank you very very much for your help! I love this place, all questions are answered fast and detailed. Really appreciate it and hope to be one of the helping gurus soon too.