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  1. 1756-EN2F

    I can ping the 2F Module when it is in a rack talking back to a Stratix 5400, but it will not talk back to a Dell X1052 managed switch.
  2. 1756-EN2F

    I have put in 23 (twenty three) of these 1756-EN2F modules and have always left the rotary switches at the default 999 per AB Tech Support and have had absolutely no problems what so ever.  See Tech Note that describes the setup of the 1756-EN2F for firmware version 10.010 I set the IP address, Subnet and Gateway via the USB port (RSLinx) on the front of the module before the module is put in its actual rack in place of the 1756-ENBT.
  3. 1756-EN2F

    Replacing a 1756-ENBT in a working system (6 years) that also uses a NTRON ENET to Fiber Optic (62.5 Multi-Mode) Media converter to a new 1756-EN2F and I can no longer Ping the new 2F module (I also put the same IP, Subnet and Gateway addresses in the new 2F module using the USB port on the front of the 2F module. Any ideas why..?? Thanks,
  4. I know this is late, but I had the very same issue and my resolution was to use a AB Stratix 5400 AND you must use a AB 100MB Transceiver and everything worked just fine.  I have also used the 1756-EN2F module and it also worked very well.
  5. Im assuming by "Interposing Relays" you are referring to using the OW16 to energize another relay to control the load..??
  6. The EWEB should be on the left side of the processor as it is part of the 1768 bus as Slot 1. Proc is always slot 0 The 1768 modules are on the left side (1768 bus) starting with slot 1. The 1769 modules are on the right side (1769 bus) also starting with slot 1. 1769-ECR is an End Cap Right (ECL = End Cap Left). I don't believe you have to add the end caps into your IO Config.
  7. Program Loop

    Is there any other routines than the Main routine..??? If so, you will need to add a JSR in the Main routine to run that routine. Just a thought
  8. 1756 Fast Dry Contact Output

    So IF Im understanding correctly.... Use a OB16 module firing a SSR to trigger/reset the WDT relay.
  9. RSLogix5000 AOI

    The "watchdog_timer_1" is just a global free running 1 second timer I use to flash a bit
  10. RSLogix5000 AOI

    Hi All... See attached jpg Im using RSLogix5000 v20 and attached is how we typically handle each alarm. Im not an expert on AOI but would like to use them (if possible) and was wondering if this would be a place to use them, and if so could someone post an example. Thanks
  11. 1756 Fast Dry Contact Output

    Im using this to trigger (reset) a watchdog timer relay, so it has to be every second. The watchdog timer is made for this fast triggering. The problem isn't want Im driving...its the output module in my PLC. The watchdog timer sends out a 12vdc signal and this is what you use to send back to the reset signal. Im using a dry contact on a OW16I module but I feel there is a better way.
  12. Hi All, I have an existing 1756-OW16I output module that we are switching an output (very low load) on/off every second. It works but about once a year I have to move it to another output due to failure. Im just switching a 12vdc signal to a relay coil. There has to be a better solution to this type of output. I just need a dry contact but switchable at a cycle rate of 1 second. Any suggestions..??? Thanks
  13. Panel Power Question

    Hi Jeremy... Thanks...if you do run across any info that supports the 24vdc power, please post. Arc flash, NFPA, NEC, UL, CSA, etc.
  14. Hi All.. We would like to use 24vdc as our supply voltage in our panels instead of AC. Is there any articles that would support this argument anywhere. We feel it would be safer with 24vdc than the US traditional 120vac. Anyway..just curious. Thanks
  15. RSogix5000 Security

    I know this is a topic that can be frustrating at best. View is different depending on where you are standing. There is no perfect answer, and each environment requires special treatment. And we as OEM want some sort of protection as well. The fine line to walk is that line between what gives us protection and what gives our customers the abilities to maintain equipment. Im hoping to do both..!!