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  1. FTView - run client without "client wizard"

    Thanks, that was exactly what I needed :)
  2. Hello, I need to know how to parametrize shortcut to "FTView SE Client" in a way that the application runs client based on certain "Config_file.cli". I couldn't find that in manuals. Thanks for help, Łukasz
  3. Hello, I heard that there is an option that enable/disable caching screens in FactoryTalk View (Machine Edition - fw. 6.0). Is it true? Where can I found it? The reason of doing that is to reduce communication between Panel and PLC (both in DLR). Controller runs many servos and AENT's and sometimes blocks the panels. If you know any other ways to handle this, please also answer. Thanks in advance for help! Greetings, Luke
  4. OPN DB - where to use?

    Hi, I've tried to get values from array which is a part of some DB. I've created a loop. I've opened DB using "OPN DB1000" (1st line) and I thought that it's all what it necessary to use DB pointers inside DB1000. But when I add the loop, it hasn't worked. Pointers in procedure after jump to the label didn't see that DB has been opened and I had to open it once again after the label (11th line). Why did I have to do that again? What's the general rule of using OPN with DB pointers? thanks for help or advice, Luke OPN DB1000 // open DB L P#DBX 90.0 // first byte of table T MD 3020 L 0 T MD 3010 L 5 jump: T MW 3000 OPN DB1000 L MD 3020 LAR1 L D [AR1,P#0.0] T MD 3010 // modify pointer TAR1 L P#4.0 //offset 4B +AR1 TAR1 MD 3020 L MW 3000 LOOP jump MW 3000 - loop counter MD 3010 - value from DB MD 3020 - pointer storage
  5. S5 Timer - acces to output Q

    Thank you - that's exactly what I needed :)
  6. S5 Timer - acces to output Q

    Hi, is there any way to access to output Q of S5 Timer, eg. S_ODT, from another rung (without creating new variable)? I tried to make sth like "T130.Q" but it didn't work. What do you suggest? thanks in advance, Luke
  7. Consumed/Produced with UDT

    Hi Ken, that's exactly what I needed. Thanks a lot :) greetings, Luke
  8. Consumed/Produced with UDT

    Hello, long time ago I used Consumed/Produced Tags packed in UDT with some data about communication. It contained e.g. fault code. Now I cannot find any manual which describes how to make such UDT. Do you know about manual which describe this? My aim is to get the info about losing communication with source PLC (consumer). regards, Luke
  9. [Siemens] FB output not necessary

    @Moggie: It's true, I can use that (after conversion to Integer), but I want to know, whether I can make a FC/FB where one of outputs can be unconnected. I cannot see any property like "Required" (in Allen-Bradley). @Rupesh PLC Dr: I cannot find anything concerning my question on this site. Beside adverts. greetings, Luke
  10. Hello, I've got a problem with outputs with Functions (FC). I wanted to create more general function than I need in my certain application - I need to see whether Word1 is greater than Word2. I've created more general function which have three outputs: "Is_greater", "Is_lesser", "Is_equal". How can I make all the outputs not necessary to bind with variable? I want to use only one output and others don't need to bother me. Thanks for answers, Luke