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  1. Hello, Did you receive my PM? Best Regards
  2. PL72 On Windows XP

    Hello again, I loaded the driver with config.sys and now I get the error "Driver Initialization Error" everytime I try to connect the PLC, any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  3. PL72 On Windows XP

    Hello all, First I'd like to thank your for this forum, then I have a TSX17 2X PLC that I need to backup the programme inside and make some changes as some outputs seems damaged, so I tried two options and both failed, the first is with Automgen trial that made me able to connect but I have only one way connection (PC->PLC) while I need both (PC<=>PLC) , the second is with PL72 on Virtual PC 2007 and FreeDOS, that I managed to install by myself and I don't know if I did the right choice, and everytime I type pl72.pif or pl72 to start the PL72 software I get the "command not found" error message, despite I edited the pl72.pif with the right paths. So I kindly ask if there is another way to communicate with TSX17 2X? Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. Thank you, and sorry for being late
  5. PL72 On Windows XP

    After some researches I discovered that the file DUNTLW01.SYS is missed which is for unitelway driver, but I have DTSXPC.SYS from the name it's a "Driver TSX PC", can't this do the stuff?
  6. PL72 On Windows XP

    Hello, Well, now I am running PL72 under Virtual PC 2007 and MS-DOS7.1 but when I start the application is tells me "No Active Drivers!", does someone have any idea about this? Thanks in advance for any hint.
  7. Hello, I kindly ask if there any way to get the OS2 Xtel PL72 image, I need it for an old TSX17 28 PLC, I didn't find the file anywhere on the net. Thanks in advance. Kind Regards