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  1. hi all   good morning i having problem to change the wire colour  i not sure why the others drawing can be done but not this one.   appreciate help eplan - wire colour cannot change.elk
  2. hi all, First of all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I having problem to read the data from a 3rd party slave devices, a Digital Power Meter, via Modbus RTU, RS485, 2 wires system. i using Omron CJ2M-CPU31 and Omron CJ1W - SCU 31 - V, Ver1.3 I connected the wires 3rd party Omron SCU-31 Port 1 + ---- Pin 8 - ----- Pin 6 the Power digital is just sending the data, so from my site i just need to read the data, no need send any command. which protocol should i use in the program? Protocol Macros or Serial Gateway how should i set configuration of the communication board? will the LED of the card RD1 lit when communication established? Thanks