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  1. how to protect software on gx work or developer? it is possible?
  2. edit comment directly from got

    Thank you all. i did the same thing as Crossbow said. just curious, and would be great if mitsubishi  add this on future. ( ̄ー ̄)ゞ
  3. edit comment directly from got

    hello everyone using gt designer 3, got 2000 series and IQ-R series want confirm something. it`s possible to edit comment group (that use for history, fault,etc)  directly on GOT using GOT tool or object or script? for script, searching on gs, gd list but find nothing. where the comment group is saved? thank you  
  4. edit comment directly from got

    sorry for late reply actually this related to my last project. there are 100 more types of work that more than half of them with unnamed yet(will decide next year) so costumer request screen so they could change freely name of works (20 char each name )  another project always  put the name on comment list and simple show it with comment display. i used index register and put data on reg device, but it`s really take space memory there. so just curious if possible to put data string not reg device on PLC but comment list on GOT. 
  5. cc-link on fx3u

    using fx3u 80mr/es and fx3u-16ccl-m will connect to 4 remote i/o 16 bit question about i/o map want set 16 bit ry o(remote i/o) to ry 0 (plc) *8~*F isnt recognized as device on fx3u so it`s possible to set like this ? station 1 -> y40-y47, y50-y57 station 2 -> y60-y67, y70-y77 station 3 -> y100-y107, y110-117 ------- thank u
  6. cc-link on fx3u

    u right. found sample program too on manual i read manual hardware on fx3u i can use both fx3u-16ccl-m or fx2n-16ccl-m so what different fx3u-16ccl-m with fx2n-16ccl-m ? basically fx2n = fx3u ? fx3u-16ccl-m = fx2n-16ccl-m ?
  7. iQ Works Q & A

    need opinion about gx work 3.. should i create new topic? i cant find in other site except japanese site u can download trial edition for 20 days here japanese version http://www.mitsubishielectric.co.jp/fa/download/software/detailsearch.do?mode=software&kisyu=/plcr&shiryoid=0000000017&kisyuid=0〈=0&select=0&softid=0&infostatus=0_0_0&viewradio=0&viewstatus=0&viewpos=0 english version http://www.mitsubishielectric.co.jp/fa/download/software/detailsearch.do?mode=software&kisyu=/plcr&shiryoid=0000000019&kisyuid=0〈=0&select=0&softid=0&infostatus=0_0_0&viewradio=0&viewstatus=0&viewpos=0 first impression : 1. just build for new cpu ( iq-r series) when i try to create new project with q series.. message say that i must create with gx work 2 2. u can drag command, component ( cpu, i/o, etc when build system) and what ever u can find on library 3. error check and warning box. will automaticly check it for u
  8. i dont have plc to test it.. right now so your reply really help me.. thank you
  9. thank u for reply... i found cpu and project security on gx work .. so basically when i set password on cpu security, cpu will ask when somebody try to access cpu? this apply to bus or network access too? and project security will protect file when somebody try to open it? i cant find cpu security on gx developer .... so it`s impossible for gx developer to protect plc ?
  10. cc link

    is that possible a series cc-link communication with q series cc-link ?
  11. cc link

    AJ61BT11 just read manual and i think its possible... will try it tonight ty
  12. conenct old got handy 11** series to q cpu series

    u right ... maybe for now gt 14 just sell in japan only.... and they launch gt 2000 series too.. too pricey http://www.mitsubishielectric.co.jp/fa/products/hmi/got/lineup/got1000/gt14.html http://www.mitsubishielectric.co.jp/fa/products/hmi/got/items/got2000/index.html
  13. i have new plc q3udvcpu and old got handy 11** series..with 232c connector can i use converter Serial RS232 422 485 to Ethernet RJ45 TCP/IP so i could connect it to cpu.... or need some 232c card like QJ71C24N ..??? thank u
  14. conenct old got handy 11** series to q cpu series

    new gt 14 handy has internet too... i`ll buy this... thank you
  15. conenct old got handy 11** series to q cpu series

    so converter serial to ethernet isnt working with QJ71C24-* price i think it`s better buy new got
  16. need opinion about keyence plc

    want upgrade skill so i decide learn another plc always use omron and mitsubishi for project but i got campaign offer from keyence so i could buy their product for 40% price plus get software kv studio 7 for free will buy the new connector type plc KV-NC32T and net device KV-NC1EP i need more opinion about keyence plc... good thing and bad thing or what ever.. please share your opinion.. thank u
  17. using q03ude, qd75mh, 2servo mr-j3-b try to learn mitsubishi servo.... when i write new parameter to qd75mh .... ready signal from qd75mh to be off and i must refresh the cpu to get back ready signal could i use automatic refresh on q series or qd75mh using special relay or something without touch power switch or refresh switch on q series? plz tell me if any kind relay like that on q series.. thank u
  18. special relay for auto refresh on q series

    lol.. u right... thank u
  19. Time Sync

    i don`t know but please look at this site http://www.mitsubishielectric.co.jp/fa/products/plc_spec/schRlt.do?m=plcq&pageNo=1&series=500000003,500050006&idSeriesChk0=500000003&idSeriesChk1=500050006&category1=CPU%E3%83%A6%E3%83%8B%E3%83%83%E3%83%88&category2=%E3%82%B7%E3%83%BC%E3%82%B1%E3%83%B3%E3%82%B5CPU&category3=-1&category4=-1&formNM=&saleSituation=2
  20. Time Sync

    how about Q03UDVCPU? more faster with same price.
  21. anybody know where the key code is store on got data register ? read gt designer 3 v. 1.74c manual and got list for key code example 000d for enter, 001b for cancel, etc but i cant find where this code data is stored (because the manual writed in japanese and i cant read them!?). using handy got 1155 gt designer 3 v.174.c
  22. got data register for key code switch

    sorry i download english manual and found similar device that could be set on option thank u
  23. got data register for key code switch

    actually i`m just curious for example when i input new data to d0 using number input panel.. and click enter button.. dialog key window will disappear and new data on d0 will change automatically right? i want data on d0 send to d10 for backup data, but before that i want to confirmation dialog window appear and i`m curious if i could use enter button timing for that (currently using compare program to generate pulse for timing) sorry if my grammar is wrong
  24. need help for qd75mh4 parameter

    sorry for late reply both of u, thanks a lot for the advice. i`m using gx work .. and it`s work well try to configure through plc manually now, and i think i can handle it this site really great
  25. need help for qd75mh4 parameter

    using q00uj (will change with q03ud) and qd75mh4 + mr-j3-b (use 2 axis) this my test project (learning some servo and stuff) and i found user manual , about 834 page but sorry for my laziness could anybody share some sample parameter setting for me... i just need for basic parameter and timing for send it... could i use mov , bmov , or basic command to send parameter to buffer memory? rather than `from` or `to` command thanks u