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  1. Micro Servo control with PLC

  2. ModBus with B&R Automation V 3.081

    hi there, i have also undergone difficulties in using modbus rtu of controlling VFD using Panasonic PLC. I have already downloaded memory mapping or modbus rtu of the inverter specifically the danfoss inverter but when i tested it in my program there was no response from the drive. if your familiar with the FPWinpro plc software i have used the modbus block instruction, there the parameters needed in order to run the program are: Communication port = 1 or 2 communication between PLC and inverter which is actually in RS-485 connection Modbus Fxn code = modbus 15 which writes multiple coils Start Register = 0006H coil no. 6 of the inverter which is allocated to run the inverter No. of register = 1 Master data = 0040H this is the control data in order to run fwd the inverter we can help each other and all of you guys who knows to solve our problem. thanks you so much..
  3. hi there! i am currently having difficulties in programming the Danfoss Inverter using modbus command. Im using FPwinpro panasonic programming software and i already set all my configuration settings in the inverter side and PLC program. Can anyobody there check if my configuration are all right.Pls help me program is only to firsts run the inverter then if it is succesful then i will proceed to speed reference control. I have already dowloaded the modbus manual of the inverter and checked the mapping of memory to where i will program it. See the attached document to give further information. in the maapping area of the inverter coil 06 is is the register address to run the inverter. Modbus fxn = write multiple coil slave add = 02' address of the inverter Start register = 0006H No. of register = 1 Master data = FF00H or 0400H Comport = 2 Thanks a lot guys i have a probel in attaching my file because ut has some pictures but i can give that through my email.. This is my emai add: pls do give me your email add so that i can send it to you guys.