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  1. NP designer

    Boa Tarde, Também estou precisando do NP_Disigner.
  2. upload program from HMIGXU3500

    Upload from HMI is only possible if you have selected the Include Editor Project check box and selected the Data file to Secondary Drive (CF Card) or Optional Drive (USB stick) prior to download the application into HMI.If the above has not been done it will not be possible to upload the application from HMI.For more information please see the video from below link : 
  3. ModBus and Altivar Invertors

    I will test this week and you communicate.
  4. ModBus and Altivar Invertors

    But I have to create a file and CX Protocol. To achieve communication.
  5. I am needing help to make communication with a PLC Omron CJ2 Altivar 31 in modbus.
  6. ModBus and Altivar Invertors

    I need to report a CJ2 with 18 Altivar 31 per modbus!
  7. ModBus and Altivar Invertors

    Hello! you could make the Altivar 31 communication with the omron cj?