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  1. SEW EURODRIVE Drive Inverter Fault F14

    I had an issue very much like this- I chased my tail for some time, changing encoder card, drives and checking terminals on the encoder. in my case it ended up to be- when the encoder cable was installed it came into a terminal strip- and then from the terminal strip to the drive. I had a loose connection on the terminal strip. Might be worth a look.
  2. Jobs without travel

    It all depends on what you want. If you are looking for the Big Money travel is involved. if you are looking for a stay at home controls position look into the pharisaical, or the food industry. each of these are always looking for a good controls person, and as fast as things change the job never end.
  3. Trade Shows?

    Anyone have any dates for any Trade Shows Coming up this Year? I would be intrested in any Electrical, Mechanicel, or Information on prevenative and Pridictive Maintenance. I find these very informational and a good chance to compare Vendors Products and see the new latest and greatest stuff.
  4. I have a Devicenet loop running off a compact logic controller. i have installed a splitter box a Allen Bradley 1485P-P2T5-T5C-B. the truck of the device net goes straight through. then off the two parrell ports i have installed a 2 RedLion PAX2A meters with device net cards PAXCDC30 in them. each are hooked in parrell. When the system is powered up goes throught the loop check and everything comes up great- then during the run time it will drop out and i come up with a lost communication error and it will come up with the node numbedr of the Red lion meter. At first i thought it may be the devicenet communication cards in the meters- but i have changed them and still have an isssue. Has anyone had any issues with a system like this?
  5. I am hooking a RedLion PAX2A meter into a devicenet loop suing a device box 1485P-P2T5-T5C. Two meters are hooked up individually at the end in parrellel. does anyone know if i would have to put a 121 ohm resister between can-l and can-h like you have to do with the rest of the devicenet modules?
  6. When I connect and link with Rslinks and then go to rslogix5000 I load the file get hooked up on line and then 2 minutes latter a memo comes up I lost communication with Rslinx. I go to Rslinx Classic and it stills shows communication with the Plc?