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  1. Ifix 5.5 Alarm Assistance

    I am pretty new to Ifix and I am wanting to create an alarm similar to what I have in the past using FactoryTalk SE. I am keeping up with total downtime throughout at the day/shift, and at the end of the day I want to trigger an alarm to show something like this. "Machine #1 Downtime Total 10 hours". Is there a way to trigger an alarm like this and have the "10" coming from a register somewhere?
  2. Modbus Assistance

    Thank you as always Ken. I am a novice when it comes to Modbus communications. I have been in programming a long time,  and this is the first time a project that I had to set-up has been dropped in my lap.  I will look at these options more in depth. By looking at the options in the manual, I am thinking we would only want to know the circuit status alarms which begins with address 8001. This way we could get some type of feed back or warning in case of a failure in the loops.
  3. Modbus Assistance

    The most crucial data to read is the circuit status of the heat trace zones. After seeing that there is a ton of programming to be done in the back ground, they may consider something different hardware wise if that was an option. Is there a much better/easier hardware solution (if possible), that you would recommend to read this certain amount of data?
  4. Modbus Assistance

    I am using the Lantronix XPress DR. This was installed by the OEM when this panel was installed.  I am new to the company and given this task to setup.  The Module is communicating to a heat trace cabinet. I have attached the documentation that I have for the Lantronix device and the heat trace cabinet Modbus mapping.   I have also looked on Lantronix site and they offer no add-on, or examples to communicate with their device. I also looked at the code in the example portion of 5000 and it's a lot of code to tackle to get these data values. EN-NGCUIT2ModbusProtocol-IM-H57880.pdf Modbus_Protocol_UG_Rev_J.pdf XPress-DR_QS_Rev_C.pdf
  5. Modbus Assistance

    I am having to work on my first project reading Modbus from a Lantronix X-Press DR module via Ethernet to a 1769- L33ER processor. I have the Modbus mapping that I am needing to read. Can someone assist me in how to set this device up and start puling information from it?
  6. IFix 5.5 Issues

    It's been a little while since I've been on this thread. We got a tech note from GE Support and we made the changes that were recommended. As of right now we haven't seen the issue any more. I have  attached the link to what they sent up to try.
  7. IFix 5.5 Issues

    I am very new to Ifix being that I am just out of my first month at a new facility and never working with GE HMI products before. The plant has been having an issues prior to me arriving. We are running multiple ifix stations with the control being from a terminal sever. Every once in a while we will have clients lock up saying that the client cant start due to another name on the network. You can go into services and disconnect each duplicate user and give it a few minutes and everything comes back fine. Has anyone else run across this issue. I have attached a pic for reference, but this one doesn't show the multiple users.
  8. 1769-L33ER

    That is what I was thinking. Thank you.
  9. 1769-L33ER

    I have used several 1769-L33ER processors in the past, but I have a question. I know that the processor comes with two ethernet ports. Can you use one port for communications such as on a process control network and HMI, and use the other port for drive communications. For example port 1 would be a 172.27.31.x network and port 2 would be a 192.168.1.x network.
  10. RSLinx 3.60

    I am running RSLinx Classsic Version 3.60 on Windows 7 32 Bit edition. I have 3 networks running on the computer. One being an outside world connection for email and internet and the other two for process controls for the plants that i monitor. Everytime that IT does an upgrade on our computer or phone systems it causes Linx to crash and we have to un-install and re-install it everytime. We get an error saying that rslinx has stopped and is shutting down. Is this something that anyone else has, and if so is there something that can be done to prevent it?
  11. Point IO Status

    Thanks Ken.
  12. Point IO Status

    I'm working on my 1st project using Point IO modules. I'm using an L33ER processor to communicate to two modules over etherent. I'm still very new to using 5000, but is there a way to use a GSV to check the status of the Modules, as far as communications, faults, etc?
  13. 1762-IF4 Question

    A x79 error meesage is an expansion I/O module fault. Check the staus of the analog card in question and check documentation of the I/O card for possible remedies for your problem. If none of those work you may have to change the card.
  14. RSLINX 3.60

    I am having issues with communications every since i upgraded to RSLINX 3.60. I am running it on two different computers that i am having the same issue with. One is Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1(32 Bit) and the other is Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1(64 Bit). When ever i am browsing RS WHO I will get the attached error message and RSLINX will just shut down. The issue is not with every driver or with just RS WHO. It is always just one driver that I am having issues with. There is no certain pattern of drivers that i see this problems in. On my computer with 32 bit Windows 7 I can delete the driver and re-create it and everything is up and running again. I may go another month before i have issues again. The other computer I am running a secondary server of Factory Talk View SE on. Anyone else having this issue or know of any abnormalities with RSLINX 3.60. I have already ask my AB rep and he doesn't know of any issues.
  15. SLC 5/05 Remote IO Issue

    Thanks guys. I have the module coming tomorrow. I will replace it and see what happens.