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  1. CPM2A

    hello Please can you explain the problem you have clearly? What is wrong with the outputs? What is the state of the led indications on the plc. Thanks Kind regards
  2. err/alarm led blinking on omron cqm1h cpu 51

    Hello Automation wizards. My plc is now workink.Below are the manipulation that i carry out. 1) Remove cards sloted on the plc. 2) renove the cpu board and discover that around the processor was full of dust particles. 3) I remove the battery and the capacitor on the cpu board and finally used the electronic contact cleaner to clean the cpu board. 4) Download the program with memory files into the plc and switch the plc to run mode and it was ok 5) Download the program that was first in the plc and test ok. Thanks very much for your support. We stay in touch automatically. Ramson. The symbol of the truth is an example!!!!
  3. err/alarm led blinking on omron cqm1h cpu 51

    hello Guys NOt forgetting.i cannot upload the program from the plc.When i do AUto online and try to upload the program from the plc,i receive a message that cx programmer has encounter a problem and that the report should be send to microsoft Yes or no.when i choice yes or no,it closses cx programmer and when i try to go online again it refuses. So as i was saying above, i go online when i open a project and go through workonline. Thanks in advance.
  4. err/alarm led blinking on omron cqm1h cpu 51

    Good day Sparky Thanks you for your promte attention.I have this manual but when i connect online to the plc,i don't know the values to enter in DM6600 to DM6655.Please can you help me with the default parameters of this DM memories. AR2400:ON DM6600=1000001000000001 AR2401:Off AR2402:ON DM6645 = 0101000000010000 I try to modify and trasfer to the plc but after modification and transfer,i compare and there is a different in DM6600 which means that the modification was not transfer to the plc. I need your support to overcome this problem. Thanks in advance. Kind regards ramson.
  5. Hello Guys. I am having a problem with my omron cqm1h cpu 51 and i need help from you over there. The problem is that every time i power the plc,the err/alarm led is permanently on.When i connected online with my pc using cx programmer,there are two erros display in the error log which are Memory error and system alarm which is a non fatal error.I clear the momory error and the err/alm led starts blinking but the system alarm error is still there.I try to clear the system alarm but no joy.Please can you help? The code is 0x009B non fatal system alarm (FAL) Error Thanks in advance.
  6. Trying to Set Up an Analog Output

    hi i am very new in step 7 and i wish to have documents that can help me program in step 7 with practical examples thanks