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  1. Half Screen when app is opened.

    I tried changing the "Do not show information widnow when CX programmer is started next time" to unchecked, it works fine and now is running full screen You have to restart the comuputer to take effect
  2. Cognex PMCR protocol

    Thank you guys for all your help!! I followed all your directions, now I have a trace were the reader is sending back "something" is not correct yet, but at least is has the same quantity of expected characters.
  3. Cognex PMCR protocol

    BobB, I retrived the protocol from the other machine using CX-protocol, and downloaded to my project, I have half of the problem solved, Now I can trigger the reader by PLC sequence and it reads fine, but I never got the data, using the trace feature I don't see anything coming back from the reader. I made a test using the other machine, both cameras reads OK so, I can forget about camera configuration, also both of the cameras can be treggered on my project, but any sends data back. I guess I have some small differences on configuration, I will double check the DM area for communication unit settings (DM 30200 to DM 30299 for unit 2). I really appreciate you help, I have never used protocol before.
  4. Cognex PMCR protocol

    thank you BobB, I will try today of retrieving the protocol from the other machine today, I don't know if the cognex camera is using Modbus RTU, I guess not. thank you vey much for your help
  5. Cognex PMCR protocol

    Hi everybody, I'm a service enginner in Mexico, and I have a problem integrating a Cognex Dataman camera to a Omron PLC, the Controller is CJ1M CPU22, I'm trying to use a SCU21-V1 serial unit with two ports. I'm familiar with Omron PLC programming but not with this PMCR thing Ihave been trying different things like sending the trigger string sing TXDU and RXDU instructions with no sucess, then customer told me, hey we have another machine doing exactly the same, you can copy-paste the solution. the other machine has very similar configuration, CPU 13, but it called my atention all the comunication with the camera was trhu a PMCR function, I copied and adjusted the control words related to the logical and physical port, and unit number, it didnt work, after reading a lot I found out the PMCR runs protocols made in CX-protocol. So I have some questions: 1- Can I retrieve the protocol from the other machine? is it stored in the SCU21 unit? 2- How can I make a new protocol for this device? 3- does anybody knows another way to do this without the PMCR? I'm getting into the anxiety zone, been here almost a week with an issue harder than I thought