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  1. Working on an old control system on a machine originally manufactured in Italy. Uses an Omron controller and has several of these Sirco FOX drives of various sizes. The one I believe I am having trouble with is the FOX2T022 that is faulting and the LED display briefly displays a code that looks like lou.U or lou.V or low.U....something like that...the display is very brief, old and difficult to read. Looking for information on setting up parameters, reading fault codes, etc. for this drive and need it pretty badly.... Willing to pay for useable documentation....any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. New to Omron....need some general info please

    Update... Software loaded yesterday....today onsite....finally figured out comms config...uploaded program, went online....of course no symbols or comments, but trying to wade thru it...making headway.... looks like machine is trying to start and MCR is dropping out due to not receiving hardwired signal from a FOX 2T022 interter that drives the spindle motor. Drive tries to start, motor rotates briefly, Inverter shows error code which I believe is LOW.V Dont have manual for the VFD of course, but this is probably low Bus Voltage, would like to have a manual...looking on net briefly, See if I can check input voltage, would love to know parameters for this drive....anyone with knowledge or manual....please let me know.. thanks
  3. New to Omron....need some general info please

    That is a great idea...thanks!! BUT....a few minutes ago, I finally beat this thing into submission. Have been trying every reasonable solution under the sun to get this thing to load....Finally had to disable some services (Embassy Suites document manager) from Dell. This was causing a problem with ntvdm.exe (16 bit program handler). Then I had to do a "Run As" and select Administrator (even though I was on as admin and Administrator was already chosen in the "run as" box). I was stunned when I saw the thing actually start the install..... "Also loaded up the driver for the cable, checked it in the system device manager when its plugged into USB port, driver starts, gives me all the config options...so after a day and a half...READY (maybe) to try to go online and upload the program and take a look. FUN. Thanks for all the help guys.....I'll keep you posted.
  4. New to Omron....need some general info please

    Thanks GT...all good info....tried the CCleaner.....great little program for free....did clean up a lot of stuff, but still no go on the CD.....as a test of the PC...tried installing the driver for the CIF02 cable from the CD that came for it...Auto play kicks in and the install program started....so works with that one ok....and the Syswin CD works on the other pcs ok....so very puzzling....almost out of options here.... Will buy the CX one or lite if i need to but will it load onto this PC...that is my hesitation....also will the cable I bought....USB - CIF02 work with the CX one or lite? I would guess it will.. It always amazes me how what should be the no brainer very simple step turns out to be a butt kicking show stopper.
  5. New to Omron....need some general info please

    Thanks, yes I know I can fall back on one of my home pcs just to get him up and running, but still need to set him up with a programming terminal for future. The problem isnt the CD...its the XP pro box and its befuddling to say the least. Right now its just pixxing me off enough to keep at it. BUT....if I have to go with the CX...whats the diff between the CX one and the CX lite? and will they both hook up to the older PLCS? Thanks for your input.....dave
  6. New to Omron....need some general info please

    Ok...so I bought the cable and the SYSWIN 3.4 software from two different vendors on Ebay...finally received both. Headed over to the guys shop to work on the machine. I tried to install the SYSWIN on the owners machine which is running XP Professional. No Luck. CD would not auto install and when I found the .exe file and clicked on it...kept getting "Handle is Invalid" error message. Tried every different way and tried 50 different things..after I verified that the CD would install on two different PCs at my house, both of which are running XP home version. Tried.....turning off antivirus software, tried loading from safe mode, tried clean boot loading only minimal drivers and services from MSCONFIG...updated his system from SP2 to SP3....still nothing. So I know the CD works, but no luck getting it to load. The CD says I can copy it to three different floppies and go that way except this guys machine has no floppy drive so I am kind of stuck. ANY SUGGESTIONS....Anyone ever load it onto XP PRO successfully... Thanks, dave
  7. New to Omron....need some general info please

    Thanks GT I will do that....I will keep the forum umpdated as to my progress....I am sure I will be back for more info when I attempt to go online with the PLC to get some comms config info. It should be interesting....thanks again.
  8. New to Omron....need some general info please

    Thanks for all the input guys....it really helps...for now I got the cable and the syswin on the way....hope it all works with XP....like I said, I think if I can just get on line with this thing and watch it run, I can probably see whatever interlock is holding this system out.....it has an old datalogic BWS-T4-MT light curtain safety system which I think might also have some issues.....looking for a manual for that now....
  9. New to Omron....need some general info please

    Thanks....found the cable on ebay......still looking for the Syswin.....not so available.....some of the searches indicated that CX programmer also will work....do you know if it uses the same cable.....is syswin still available from Omron or ??? Thanks again.
  10. Hello guys, New to this forum and Omron.... I am trying to help a friend with a machine that he has with an Omron controller. I am a retired controls guy with most of my experience on Allen Bradley / Rockwell controllers. The machine was built around 2000 and has an Omron CPM1 controller with a 20EDR extended I/O added to it. I have zero knowledge on Omrons. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. I know I need to buy cables, software, etc. and that is no problem...just need to know the platforms, revs, etc. 1. What is the difference between CPM1 and CPM1A? Machine currently has CPM1 with 20EDR I/O module added. Have seen both in my searches, but dont know the diffs. 2. Can I connect with a PC (hopefully)....what platform (XP, NT, 2000, win7) will work best and be compatable with programming software? 3. Can I use USB port or do I need serial (RS232)...would prefer USB with adapter if possible or??? 4. Which programming software and is there somewhere to download or just buy from Omron? 5. Any and all other considerations that I may have overlooked. I think this machine probably will run ok if I can just get in and take a look and see what is holding it out, some interlock, position switch, etc. but there is no real HMI or alarm function so I really need to see the program while they try to start it. Thanks in advance for any and all assistance.