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  1. if it keeps failing on you, don't you think you may have another issue going on? are we talking about 1-2 failures or more then that? whats the application?
  2. quoting how long it takes to wire a panel

    I second the previous entries. There is no magic formula for determining this cost, ti all comes from experience. Sounds like your boss has zero experience building panels. Like Shiner said if it has a PLC in it that adds significant cost simply for the tedious task of making all those connections, add in Remote I/O, Device Net, Control Net, etc..... and this adds even more. What is your current process for determining this cost and/or laying out a panel? Maybe this is a stupid question but are you on the OEM or end user side? Panel layout, design and building is almost an entire branch of equipment design engineering discipline all by itself. Kind of like troubleshooting you either understand it or you don't, not everyone can troubleshoot a process or a piece of equipment.
  3. PLC Design Assigment Assistance Needed

    Are you using Allen Bradley software, Omron software, C-more....??????
  4. PLC Design Assigment Assistance Needed

    Post the PLC program that you have so far.
  5. FT View Studio

    Gentlemen, Has anyone ever encountered this before. I have recently installed FactoryTalk View Studio ME v6.1 on a HP Elite Book Laptop running windows 7 enterprise 64 bit, I am using a dongle as my license key. When I open a project I get the following message, please offer you help or assistance if you have ever encountered this or get lead me in the right direction, thanks. "SQL Server 2008 Express Instance 'FTVIEWx64TagDB' which is required for FactoryTalk View v 6.1 or later cannot be found. Please check the status of the computer hosting SQL Server 20008 Express, and if necessary use the FactoryTalk View distribution media to recreate the SQL instance." I attached a Pic of the error code since it would not let me copy and paste it into this topic forum. Now I checked and I already have SQL Server 2008 installed, so what it's telling me just doesn't make any sense to me since it is already installed. Any ideas? Best Regards, Jack Demspey
  6. Keyence XG7000 Vision Programming Questions

    Sam, I have only ever been around Keyence vision demos from local reps, we went with Cognex or Matrox (who I would highly recommend to anyone doing any type of vision project, these guys get it). I don't mean to state the obvious but do you have a local rep that you bought the system from that can help or if it was done by an integrator, what about their assistance? Sorry I'm not much help besides that, good luck. Jack Dempsey
  7. Honeywell DCP100 Temp Controller

    I got lucky, one of the maintenance guys that's been here for over 35 years ended up knowing how to program this POS. Thing that makes me mad is have the stuff you need to know how to program this dang thing is no where in any of the literature that I found online or that the factory sent me direct. I will be changing this over to a Watlow asap. Thanks to all for your help.
  8. Honeywell DCP100 Temp Controller

    Can anyone help me with this?
  9. Panelview 600

    Mickey, thanks for the reply, I figured out what the problem was, the PLC has lost it's program, once I downloaded the program back into the MicroLogix 1500, we were back up and running. Thanks for the reply.
  10. Panelview 600

    I have an Allen Bradley Panelview 600 that I am getting an Error 208, unable to write to remote device touch the screen..... ; then when you touch the screen you get an 683 file access error. The Panelview pulls up the program, but anything that is an input from the PLC either has ****'s or an error. I am getting the comm light on both the PLC and the HMI which are directly connected to each other via cable. They are not connected to anything else, nor are they on a network with anything else. I've tried some of the obvious things like resetting power, comms, ports, etc. to no avail. I've tried AB knowledgebase, but nothing I've found even remotely matches the problems that we are experiencing. Has anyone saw this before and/or can anyone offer me any insight, thanks?
  11. Flow Transmitter Problem

    I would suggest you look into Emerson Micromotion meter or Endress + Hauser meter I've used both in the past for much thicker material with great success.
  12. Travis, I can tell you that I have used the Murr/Mac Manifold with great success. However it was not for welding, it was for shooting a pig to clean out 2" SS pipe. There are a lot of good tools on their website to help out with configuration. We used devicenet, not ethernet though, but the communication modules on the manifolds are interchangeable, so I can't see you having any issues based off of your explanation of your setup. Good Luck and happy programming. Jack Dempsey
  13. Hello all, Has anyone out there programmed a Honeywell DCP100 temperature controller? I was able to find an installation manual, however there is not really anything it this manual about programming it. So I was hoping someone out there has already entered a program from scratch on this Honeywell DCP100 temperature controller and could lend a hand. Thank you for your time.
  14. Connecting to a OMRON PLC

    Thank you for the drivers, but I already have those and the cable I am using is USB to peripheral. The virtual XP PC has the driver and it even shows the CX driver manager software in the control panel. I was told that under device manager, this cable should show up under ports section, but I do not see a separate comm port assigned to this cable and I think that this is the problem. Thanks for the reply.
  15. Connecting to a OMRON PLC

    I can't seem to connect to a OMRON SYSMAC CJ1M CPU11 PLC. I'm fairly certain that the driver is installed, but when I connect the cable and look at device manager, I don't see it assigned a specific port. I do have a CX-Server Driver Mgt Tool as one of my choices in control panel folder. When I start it up and pick the driver it asks me if I want to uninstall the driver. So that is why I said I was fairly certain I had the correct driver installed. I am using an XP virtual machine to connect to this, it is running SP3, since the latest version of software 6.1 I'm using the CS1W-CIF31 and XM2S-09 cables and connecting to the peripheral port. I've tried using the auto connect feature in CX-Programmer to no avail, can anyone help?