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  1. Omron sysmac CP1L

    I'm using Citect Scada ver 6.0
  2. Omron sysmac CP1L

    Hi expert, I'm using a Omron PLC CP1L and i want to monitor this PLC using scada software version 6.0 If someone can help on how to setup this plc to communicate with the scada software Plis help thanks
  3. Thanx for the information and have a nice day Regards
  4. Hi expert, Where can i get the free version for PL7 PRO Software. Regards
  5. Hi expert, Im using Modicon TSX Micro TSX RKZ02 and i want to upload program from the CPU, so what software do i need to upload the program and we don't have any software here with me, is there any website that we can get free download software for this PLC. Plis help because i'm a fisrt time user Regards