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  1. GOT2000 to SLC 500

    I am trying to connect GOT2000 to Allen Bradley SLC 5/03. I am following instructions in the GOT2000 Series Connection Manual for AB and at the same time I found in other forum a sample setup (attached image) and still connection is unsuccessful. Do you have any other guidelines that I might missed in my setup? Thanks in advance..    
  2. Dear Man, 

    I have a problem when connect Cognex DataMan with QJ71E71-100 module via MC protocol.

    Can you send me the instruction.

    I have already tried with Ethernet Build In port in Q03UDECPU, and it success, but i can not set up with QJ71E71-100 



  3. Stacker Crane Controller for AS/RS

    Thank you for sharing Gambit. For PLC I have tried browsing Mitsubishi Website but their reference is using Servo System, but what I see often in this application is using VFD using distance measurement device either using barcode or laser.  I also read some literature and found this trajectory control for VFD both for the Travel ( X-Axis) and Lifting ( Y-Axis) for the control of speed, acceleration/deceleration vs time with respect to the starting point to target location and I am still trying to figure out how to translate it into Mitsubishi PLC, maybe you have advanced explanation on this? Thanks..
  4. Stacker Crane Controller for AS/RS

    I need some inputs on a project I am working on, usually what I see in stacker crane plc based controller is Siemens PLC  using Siemens VFD for the lift  and travel motors. Can we do this in Mitsubishi Setup? Maybe you have experience with this, kindly share it.. Thanks!
  5. FIxed Buffer Communication

    I am liitle bit familiar with structured ladder. If you have example, please share then I can work it out.
  6. FIxed Buffer Communication

    Simple ladder only.
  7. FIxed Buffer Communication

    I am using GX works 2.
  8. FIxed Buffer Communication

    In addition to this, 2 samples of message format that is sent but I can not get how he arrived at the "Data Checksum" part. Printer Data Format.pdf
  9. FIxed Buffer Communication

    Sorry, here is the file.. Checksum Calculation.pdf
  10. FIxed Buffer Communication

    I will try to look for another Hub. But I am suspecting part of my message to the printer "Data Checksum", maybe you could help me translate it into ladder. I attached file including Packet structure and Header Checksum. I am confused on the Data Checksum calculation part.
  11. FIxed Buffer Communication

    Can I use CONTEC-Mitsubishi NZ2EHG-T8 as hub for this matter? NZ2EHG_T8.pdf
  12. Has anybody have this connection before? I am trying to convert the F940 GOT into GT1030, the big size of the F940 is not needed a smaller one is good. It is a little bit rush, I needed the pin configuration because distributor for the GT01-C30R4-25P will take 4 weeks to deliver. Can't make it to the deadline.
  13. FIxed Buffer Communication

    Is there any software that I can use to check what I am sending to the Printer? Like simultaneous monitoring?
  14. Cognex Dataman And QJ71E71-100 Communication

    I just got the communication running. Maybe the problem only was there is no enough power to run the Cognex Communication with Mitsubishi PLC. All settings I made the first time I tried to test communication failed and then I tried to have another separate DC power supply and I used the same settings and all were good.. I am glad COGNEX and Mitsubishi has partnership already, I used MC Protocol.. Thanks for your help!!!
  15. Maybe somebody has already done communicating this two devices (Cognex<->QJ71E71-100) already? I attached my setup on Cognex Dataman Setup Tool, please share your experience on this. Thanks!