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  1. WinCC Runtime on Server

    Sorry not TTL just the trip time is 3ms, sorry
  2. PLC Law

    So true, I couldn't help but laugh. Gets me all the time
  3. WinCC Runtime on Server

    Hi, I'm trying to integrated a couple of machines with S7 300 series CPU's onto an existing industrial VLAN, The two machines currently get their recipe information and send their archive information to a PC running a Win CC runtime package on a separate VLAN. I've changed the IP addresses and can get the Runtime package to work from my PC but not the server that I have been provided with. It's as though the server is too slow, it takes about 3 minutes to establish a connection with the PLC and the monitoring word the PLC sends to the PC to ensure comms is not returned, however when I run the same Runtime file on my PC on the same VLAN it works fine also the ping TTL is only about 3ms. Does anyone have any ideas what could be wrong ? It may be worth saying that this server is a just a partition of a bigger server running a VMware package.
  4. Online Monitoring V12

    Hi, I've just starting using STEP 7 V12 for the first time. The original code was written in STEP 7 V5.4 but Siemens have kindly migrated it for me. I have the authentication password from the machine builder and have uploaded all the function blocks from the PLC for good measure. The problem is the monitor button is completely greyed even though the block status says that the online/offline version is the same and I am definately online. Can anyone think of any reason why this could be ? Thanks in advance
  5. STRING_TO_INT() function

    Hi Juace, What is the value of the string you are trying to convert and for what reason, is it an ascii string ?.I've never done this on CX programmer but I have done it in other software packages so I may be able to help. Also what are you planning to do with this string ?
  6. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone new if the Ethernet protocol on Redlion's Crimson 3 software for CS/CJ would communicate with a CP1L series PLC with an appropriate comms module attached, it states in the Omron literature that the 'architecture' inside the CP1L is the same as the CJ series however I'm not sure how far that reaches. Thanks
  7. TSX Micro

    Hi mate, I use a TSXCUSB485 coverter and a TSXCRJMD25 cable. I think the USB driver is in with the PL7 software, other than that it should be pretty straight forward Cheers
  8. Redlion HMI G308C000 and G308C100

    Hi, I have a Redlion G308C HMI part number G308C000, I am trying to get a working spare for it up together. We have a spare G308C100 which I populated with the program I extracted from the 000. However although I can get comms in the sense that the green LED comes up on the optional expansion comms card and it doesn't time out on start up it won't read any values from the system not will it control the system. However when I swap the comms card back over the old G308C000 works perfectly. WHY? Anyone had experience of this ?
  9. Hi, Sorry my message didn't make sense, It was very late. I hadn't set up the master slave on the 'describe' page of twido suite but I have now and have managed to write/read some addresses,so hopefully we'll be ok. Thanks for the reply
  10. Hi, I'm trying to set up a TWIDO PLC with a NQ5 HMI, I have set up the HMI with a TWIDO protocol and I can get connection however the data comes up as ???? and it won't change the value in the register. I also can't get a configuration window up in Twidosuite. What am I doing wrong ? I'm very tired.
  11. Sensor - label detection

    Hi, I don't know if this helps but we have a reflective sensor that detects the colour of the reflected light of the object it shines upon, it can tell between a red and grey box, at least that's application we use it for, if you think that'd be helpful I could find out some more from you, however I'm pretty sure it's form Omron so go to and look at their colour mark detection sensors.
  12. Hi, I've been scrolling through the memory registers on PL7micro and found blocks of addresses coloured red, they aren't used in the program from what I can see. Does anyone know why and if I can use them ? Thanks
  13. AB ULTRA 3000

    Sorry I thought you were referring to the ethernet bridge product. Thanks again, I've just requested a quote.
  14. AB ULTRA 3000

    Thank you Ken, I'll quote them for 4 new G3 Kadets and let them decide if it's worth it. That'll probably be cheaper than buying the Quartechs and 4 micrologix PLCs and RS Logix 5000 software which we don't have.