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  1. Clueless - please help!

    Beers all around. Cheers!
  2. Clueless - please help!

    Actually, no! The satisfaction of having the puzzle complete and the journey taken to get there is enough. Did you want a prize? It is now past 3am here and I am shattered so I'll bid you 'goodnight'. Thanks again.
  3. Clueless - please help!

    We weren't far off! That's fabulous. Mickey you are a hero. Big thanks to; b_carlton for his/her patient explanations and coaching, Buckaroo for his/her recommendation, Michael Lloyd for making an old lady chortle with his "less chicks and bar time and more class time" comment, and of course you, Mickey. I really appreciate your assistance. Thanks all; I have learned a lot in one day. Have a great Sunday.
  4. Clueless - please help!

    Hum. Now I get B3:0 is 539 and B3:1 is 675. That is incorrect. I can see the finish line though...
  5. Clueless - please help!

    Wow, Mickey! You are amazing! I see some different numbers to you in rungs 2 and 6... rung 2 is -]/[- B3:0/8 rung 6 is -( )- B3:0/1 and -( )- B3:1/2 That changes things a bit doesn't it? A real PLC eh? I feel rather honoured Edited for a typo
  6. Clueless - please help!

    Forgive me, b_carlton. The bits on my -] [- and -]/[- symbols are not only 1s and 0s. They are 4s, 7s, 8s and 0s. What am I missing?
  7. Clueless - please help!

    I make the bit number on the far right of rung four as a 3. The ones on the left are both 8. ETA Hard for these old eyes to read too!!
  8. Clueless - please help!

    Hi Mickey, I didn't spot a typo but I'm not surprised. Yes, I can see I typed in B3:0/7 instead of b3:1/7. I'm not surprised. The screenshot in post 13 was my foolish waste of a few hours setting up a programme in some software I knew nothing about... I thought there'd be a magic 'run' button that would tell me the value of B3:0 and B3:1. Much egg on my face?! The image in post 1 is from the puzzle and is correct. I would post the file you refer to if I knew what it was.
  9. Clueless - please help!

    I like that you feel it is cheating! You have offered so much and I feel so dense. I will work through the rungs again (my first try has resulted in all '0's!), and use the dec/bin function on the calculator. Thank you for your help. You must think I'm a complete nutcase.
  10. Clueless - please help!

    Thank you for the link. Ho hum. What a mind twist on a hot Saturday.
  11. Clueless - please help!

    I'm trying to use the software to work through the rungs for me. I am looking for two 3-digit numbers and am hoping there is a 'run' button. I realise this is not a maths equation but honestly, I can't figure out where these numbers are going to come from!
  12. Clueless - please help!

    Hello Me again; I'm still battling it out with this one. I have built this; Is there a kind soul who would explain what I should do next?
  13. Clueless - please help!

    Thank you, both. You have been more than helpful and I appreciate the effort you have gone to to spell things out.
  14. Clueless - please help!

    Hi, before I stumbled on this puzzle I had never heard of PLCs or ladder logic at all and after this puzzle will probably never need it again. I teach young children so my background is very different to yours I should think! I am simply looking for the solution. I am trying to understand the puzzle but so far am struggling.
  15. Clueless - please help!

    Links? I meant hints.