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  1. I have a PVPlus 600 model with firmware. This version does NOT have an Exit [F8] button to allow access to the Windows CE underneath. What, if any, firmware will allow this? Can I use a keyboard to force the FT Configuration to quit into Windows CE?
  2. I have a PVP1000 with a memory stick which is capturing csv log files of the form: yyyy_MM_dd_hh_mm_0000_File.csv. (FactoryTalk standard Year, Month, Day, Hour & Minute) I can run through a loop for every possible hour & minute in a given day to ftp the files and have done this successfully but I'd rather just present the actual file list in a screen on the HMI. Anyone ever done that or seen it done? Any recommended widget programming platforms? Mike
  3. eWon eSync

    Has anyone used the eSync software from eWon? I am trying to get the eWon modem to read MicroLogix 1400 PLC data and then post it to my web page so I can do the eSync function myself. I can read the PLC easily and even create an eWon based web page displaying those PLC data values but when I try and post that data, I get 404 responses as if my eSync replacement system did not exist or was unreachable. My system tests okay from a web browser. I am trying to get this info from eWon but thought this might be faster. Mike
  4. Newbie query

    I like that idea a lot. I can initialize all the bits using the indirect addressing on a first time only basis and reference the bits directly. And i can assign the bits useful names so the poor guy who reads it after me will have a clue what was going on. Thanks, Mike
  5. Newbie query

    Ken, Yikes. It sure is indirect! This same addressing is used several times in the same way with resulting addresses: I:0.0/15, I:0.0/16, I:0.0/17, I:0.0/18, & I:0.0/19, which if I understand your answer result in: I:0.0/15, I:0.1/0, I:0.1/1 and so forth. all of whose values are set to 1. This result is consistent with what the ladder logic shows. All are 'green'. Thanks for the quick answer. I had a recent ladder logic class which covered indirect addressing very briefly. I will review. Cheers, Mike
  6. Newbie query

    This XIC is used in several places in an RSS program I have. XIC I:[N15:3].[N15:4]/[N15:5] How is this interpreted? It shows as 'on' for values: N15:3 = 0 N15:4 = 0 N15:5 = 16 Sorry if this is a lame question. Mike