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  1. help with fx2n-20gm

    Hi! FX-PCS-VPS/WIN-E in attachment! I've been looking for this software for a long time too :) FX-PCS-VPS-WIN-E-software_manual_EN.pdf
  2. Please see attachment: FX3GE_MXOPC607_communication.pdf
  3. FX3GE and MX OPC 6.01

    Igor, I made a new instruction for setting MX OPC 6.07 connection with FX3GE. FX3GE_MXOPC607_communication.pdf
  4. FX3GE and MX OPC 6.01

    Done! FX3GE_MX_OPC.pdf
  5. FX3GE and MX OPC 6.01

    Hello, Igor! You can download instrucrion in previous message or phone me in Russia +79214458893. I can help You!
  6. FX3GE and MX OPC 6.01

    Hello, BBA. Guide here Communication FX3GE with MX OPC Server 601.pdf.a1d626da140496680281f9cdfd831aac
  7. FX3GE and MX OPC 6.01

    KAZAH, thanks for reply, but today i found the solution to this problem. For connection FX3GE (FX3U-ENET-ADP) to MX OPC Server 6.01 we need change Port No. from 5551 to 5556. I decided to create step by step guide for this. Communication FX3GE with MX OPC Server 601.pdf
  8. FX3GE and MX OPC 6.01

    Hi! We have FX3GE-24M controller and trouble with communication by MX OPC Server 6.01. We need to communicate this PLC using integrated ENET (FX3U-ENET-ADP) to MX OPC Server. What application we must use and what settings we need to set.