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  1. A gear coupling consists of a flexible joint fixed to each shaft. It is a mechanical device for transmitting torque between two shafts that are not collinear. Gear couplings have higher torque densities than universal joints, which are designed to fit a given space while universal joints induce lower vibrations. Click here to read more
  2. Roller Conveyors are used to carry tray, drums & boxes. Basically, these are widely used in pharmaceutical industries, oil industries, & various related industries. There are different types of conveyors that comprises: Idler Roller Conveyor Powerised Roller Conveyor Accumulation Roller Conveyor 900 Roller Conveyor Click Here to read full article.
  3. Comprising two straightening disks mounted on a straightening shaft and other against the flanges of the beams, this machines is widely used for straightening rolled beams specifically hyper-beams. The straightening disks are arranged in a support ring which extends over the circumference thereof a plurality of hydraulic cylinders. The adjusting pistons of the cylinders are carefully aligned with the axially displace able discs. Read Full Article Here ..
  4. We don't need to say what is the importance of the machines in our life and our industrial society and it would not be worthless if I say that today we can't even dream to live without machines. Similarly steel rolling mill machines are very important in rolling industries. We are the one of the leading manufactures, exporters and wholesale suppliers of first class quality steel rolling mill machines, rolling mill machinery and other equipments like shearing machines, straightening machines, industrial sprockets, gear coupling, roller conveyor, forged rolls, etc. Here you can find list of best manufactures and suppliers of such industrial machines and equipments with their address and other contact details.