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  1. Micrologix 1100 Programming trouble This is a free version of RSLogix 500! If you want the version that includes RSLinx you will need to download it from the Allen Bradley site. There is an article on the main page of with the details. Enjoy! Programming cannot be done from the LCD.
  2. Hello, I am kind of ignorant when it comes to WW. I am using ver 10.1. I am trying to move a project to another pc and reestablish communications as well. I can move the project with application publisher. But how do I move the communication driver setup. I am using ABDASCIP. I am overthinking this I know.
  3. MVI94-MCM Prosoft

    see chapter 3 in the manual, if you didn't get one with the unit the download link is attached below, there are also a couple of other items you may need to download here. The Master or Slave Files and the EDS files. please give a little more information about your application and existing setup. Thanks
  4. CLX DeviceNet Error 71

    DeviceNet has a feature called Electronic Keying, which when disabled, allows the network to still function regardless of a devices series, revision, product code, vendor or device type. Sorry for the multiple posts, I am typing on my phone.
  5. CLX DeviceNet Error 71

    See 19931 - DeviceNet Electronic Keying - Description of functionality and example also
  6. CLX DeviceNet Error 71

    See kb 45065 if you have tech connect. On power flex 40 the major firmware rev has to match or you have to turn off the option that monitors firmware revs in on the device keying in the scanner card setup. Or you have to upgrade your scan list with the new device. Major tip, check your device net mapping before you load any new eds files. Sometimes integrators decide to modify the mapping instead of using the default i/o map. Especially if using multiple drives. I once had the same issue you are dealing with, maintenance had always been able to change out their drives until they finally got a couple with the newer firmware and "boom" the whole network down and no one wanted to tell me what they did, I had to find out the hard way. Then I updated the eds only to find out it had custom device net mapping that I had overwritten. So check that also.
  7. CLX DeviceNet Error 71

    Did the customer Change any devices on the network such ad a drive. Newer firmware will not be recognized my the scan list if the device keying is set to monitor that. Find out if there are any newer drives in the network and if so look at the firmware revision number and compare it to the older drives.
  8. Do you have tech connect? if so see kb25961. I can't find any specifics about your exact issue. Looks like multiple edits from different stations are serialized and the last one wins. You can lock the controller from your workstation and prevent other users from editing. If you have pending edits but not yet written to the controller an another user makes a change you will lose your edits. Accept, Test, Untest, Assemble, and Cancel affect all users edits that are working on the same program even though they are working in a different routine as it is a program level command. Hope this helps.
  9. Programming resources

    Hugh Jack Books
  10. Programming resources

    There is much to learn right here on this site. Refer to the downloads section downloads , there are among numerous other things, a set of books by Hugh Jackman that I highly recommend. I learned a lot from this guy. There are many tutorials and videos. Reference material and whatever else you may need to get started. The guys on this forum are the best also, no trash talking jerks who want to brag about how smart they are? They really want to help, and spend a lot of their personal time to do so. So hang around a while and use the resources that are available here. And ask all the questions you can....
  11. word registers

    Do a little research on indexed and indirect addressing on a SLC. Will post more when I get back to my pc.
  12. PLC 2/30

    Do you have a backup copy of the plc program, you may need it. The plc may have lost its program. Could be a power supply issue as well, are there any lights on at all. download the manual below, chapter 5 has a good troubleshooting matrix. Below are some other useful manuals.
  13. Is wrong to ask?

    Certainly not wrong to ask, everyone needs to save a little cash. You certainly will save money Rockwell products aren't cheap. I would assume it depended on your application, environment, and end user skill level. Among other things.
  14. Turck RFID information to Control Logix Processor

    Scott, find out if turck software has some sort of opc or dde interface. I you have a txt file does it give you the option for csv?
  15. windows 7 features

    is it a 32bit or 64bit machine? I am attaching a compatability matrix. I think CPR 9 had RSLogix500 (7.30.10) Win 7 32 bit support didn't work till RSLogix 500 v8.30.01 and greater. 64 bit support wasn't till RSLogix500 (v8.40) Support.xls hope this helps Note, it has to be windows 7 professional as well.