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  1. KF2 and Rslinx enterprise

    Thanks for all your suggestions.  Unfortunately the PSV cannot be seen under RSLinx classic as it only uses RSLinx enterprise. the best way of uploading is via ethernet.  I need to find out what the IP address is which is not possible as I cannot get into configure mode.  I need to use a USB keyboard to get into configure mode.  I will be trying this on Monday.
  2. I am trying to upload a factory talk visual studio HMI PSV1500 (2711P-RN6)so as to get the online version so I can modify it.  I am using a 1770-KF2 connected to an SLC405 on the DH+ network.  I can go on line to the PLC but cannot see the HMI.  The HMI is using RSLinx Enterprise and the SCL is using RSLinx Classic. Can anybody please help. 
  3. RSLogix 500 - remapping symbols

    Hi nehpets I am copying and pasting existing rungs and trying to rename the symbols to the new ones. I cannot modify or search and replace the pasted rung with the new tag I.E. AV5_AUTO to AV15_AUTO. I have to start to retype and it will pick it up from the data base when I have typed enough of the new symbol in for it to be recognised. In Step 7 you can search for AV5* and replace all AV5* with AV15* in symbols and comments.  I have been asking the internet for answers and somebody pointed me here. This is to let you know that by doing what you suggested. to create the .slc file.  Now if open all the created rungs in a good text editor, I use notepad+ for this, you can search and replace symbols as I need to do as above, the import the slc file using symbols checked and it works. You cannot edit symbols when it is checked like you can with index.   Clive
  4. Micrologix 1400 to S7 315

    I think I have set up the prolinx unit. in the micrlogic I will be using the msg instruction. anybody know how toset this up channel 1 ethernet to Prolinx
  5. HI All, I have just been asked to look at a new package Plant installation, where the supplier knows nothing about profibus. They have supplied a Micrologix 1400 and prosoft 5205-dfnt-pdps. I have not come across this set up before so I am in the dark about how to configure it. All I am after is 2 way digital communication via profibus. Due to time constraints I am not able to study all the documentation to find out how to configure it to work. I have all the prosoft software, Configuration builder; transport path editor; prolinx download utility and syscon, never used any of them before. Can anynody help me with a quick turtorial/example of what to do. Cheers Clive