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  1. Apologies about the delay I have had some time off work, just some feedback that I have tried deleting the configuration and re-setting the cards, replaced the cards, etc. The CPU serial number is SN: 21142312996 I am trying a few more things but of course any suggestions in the mean time are more than welcome. Thanks all
  2. Thanks for your reply, I will try to get this tested ASAP over the weekend. We are in production at this stage, but interesting to know about the firmware. I will PM you the serial when we do test this weekend also. Regards, Rob
  3. Hi all, Currently running a Quantum 140-CPU-652-60 FW3.12 out to a remote rack over a Modbus Drop in to a 140-EHC-105-00 High Speed Counter, words are mapped OK to the program, configured at a type 7 setup (1sec frequency) etc. The card used to work when we were running the system as a ConceptXL 2.6 setup with a 140-CPU-534-14. We have just upgraded to UnityProXLv8 and it stopped. The mapping is configured by word to bit / bit to word across the %IW and %MW (previously 948 3x and 4x registers, but converted nicely, everything is aligning). Anyone stumbled across this issue before? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Rob