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  1. DspPlaySound problem

    I would like to play an audible file when an alarm active. So in the Alarm Catergories, I add a stansd alone function DspPlaySound("C:\WINNT\MEDIA\Notify.mp3", 0) The problem is I have many Digital Alarm, so how can I know this function for which alarm? Just suppose I have only 1 Alarm, but it still doesnt work. I am quite new to Citec SCADA, the attachment below show my work. Any help is appriciated. Alarm1.bmp Alarm1_Catergories.bmp
  2. PLC Communication

    How to ref your posts :) It is "vote the post up", right low conner, isn't it? Just the address syntax or any other problem (with READ_VAR, EXTRACT functions) ? It might be a silly question but .. how to set up the network and how to node number in 'messaging' setup for the Ethernet network . I will tell you when I know how to :) One other thing, nice to meet you Raj
  3. PLC Communication

    Hi Raj, Can you point out the wrong configuration of my LD code In there, ADDR is used to get the value from 0.2.25{} , then READ_VAR is used to READ this string, then EXTRACT is used to convert the array get from READ_VAR into integer for controling Reset_Light. Thanks very much
  4. PLC Communication

    Thanks Raj. Sorry I am from AF, it is set automatically when I sign up to the forum :) I am quite new with PLC and programming it. Do you have any document about READ_VAR/WRITE_VAR functions. I am so confused when using them, even reading Help . Btw, thanks very much for your time
  5. Hello everyone, I am doing a project in which I may use EtherNet protocol for the communication between PLCs i.e. to know the status (busy or not) of one PLC, then control other PLC to continue the process. My idea is that addressing an output of the PLC which I want to know the status as in the link below http://www.global-download.schneider-electric.com/852575A6007E5FD3/all/BAF48F81F446A6DA852576C00070A630/$File/35013341_k01_000_05.pdf page 45 However, I am using the Premium PLC, not M340 PLC, and there is no ADDM function, but ADDR function. Are they the same? Other question, the output of ADDM or ADDR is an array of integer, how can I deal with it? Thanks for your time