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  1. GE90-70 LM90 application help

    Update: I was able to go to site and use a copy of the programing that the customer had. I saved the program under LM90 directory and was able to use LM90 software and open the program and then went online with the PLC. I did see that the logic was not equal and i performed load from the PLC to PC. However, This is a redundant system so the customer had 2 file for each of the PLC L2PLC01 (primary) and L2PLC02 (secondary). Again Under LM90\L2PLC01 file folder, there was a file for L2PLC02 also which confused me. However under LM90\L2PLC02 there was no folder for L2PLC01. So when i reached the site, I saw that the L2PLC01 was secondary and L2PLC02 was primary. I went online with L2PLC01 using the file LM90\L2PLC01. I saw that there was a mismatch for only one logic block and i went ahead did a load from PLC to PC. Then I went online with L2PLC02 PLC using the LM90\L2PLC02 file. I saw there was mismatch on several logic block. I still went ahead  did a load from PLC to PC so that i have the most currect files for both PLCs. The scope of work is to add just one PID loop to the Logic. So I have the following questions: 1. Which PLC should i go online to make the changes (My guess is the primary PLC) 2. How do i make sure that the secondary PLC has the updated logic. DO i need to go online with secondary PLC and redo the same logic online? or is there a command to synchronise the logic from primary to secondary?
  2. GE90-70 LM90 application help

    Thank you @Steve Bailey for replying here and in other forums. I will continue in this forum.  @pturmel  This is fairly large system with Redundant Controllers. So far the Client has requested to just add a couple of loops and we proposed for a couple of days to do this onsite with SCADA update. I am not sure of all the risk involved in changing it to PME and performing a download for a live plant and assume that it all will run smooth afterwards including Setpoints, Sequence states and forces and redundancy functionality and for me to test all operations within 2 days. So that why wanted to keep the risk to the minimal when on site.  @BobLfoot I will keep posted on what i have done to solve this issue so that it can benefit others. I will be getting GE90-70 PLC rack next week and i will test on it first using LC90 software and see how it goes and then go to the plant to go online using the backup that was last saved and make sure i have clean project with HW and Logic equal and test a small logic change onsite. Once i am confident and i will make these online changes for the new PID loops  Thank you again for all the help
  3. GE90-70 LM90 application help

    Hi All, I recently had an opportunity to visit a plant that was running GE90-70 redundant PLCs with Genius RIOs communication to CImiplicity SCADA. I initially thought that the Application was done in PME 7.0 and was able to use the serial cable and upload the project using PME software. The program uploaded with no comments. However, when i went to get the backup of the SCADA program, I saw that the previous engineer made back ups of both the SCADA and PLC. When i looked at the PLC files, It struck me that the PLC application was made in LM90. I had the LM90 master software and was able to open the files using a few youtube videos as a guide. The client has asked me add a few PID loops. I have a few questions: 1. If the PLC was loaded with LM90, how was i able to  upload the program with PME?.          1a. If so, can I make online changes with PME to add the 3 PID loops without going back to LM90 2. If 1a option is not possible, I would have to use LM90 to make the changes. does LM90allow online changes? LM90: Questions I have plenty experience with PME, but this would be my first time with LM90. Before going to a site i would like test the process of upload, download in my office. So i have few queries about this software: 1. I am able to get hands on GE 90-70 PLC that was programmed with PME. Will i be able to create new application with few logic in LM90 and download to this PLC and test the whole process of testing my logic and upload/download procedure. And when once i am done, load the PME application back into it. I am not sure if I would have downgrade the firmware of the PLC? 2. , Does LM90 have option to make offline changes and download only changes, if so will it stop the PLC when downloading?. I would appreciate all the help in this matter  
  4. I want to establish link between two PLC's (Intra-Link LC3000) using a cellular modem sierra wireless GX440 modem 4G LTE. I currently have this network topology. Host Machine: USFilter Intra-link LC3000 (IP: Cisco switch ( Juniper NetScreen-25 firewall ( which is connected to DSL line. Remote site 1 USFilter DI ( USFilter DO ( Cisco Switch Remote site 2 USFilter DI ( USFilter DO ( Cisco Switch Initially, these two remote units were connected to Host PLC through Trango 900Mhz radios. But due to frequency interferences, we are going with cellular modem. We got 5 remote sites and so got 5 cellur modem Sierra wireless modem GX440 4G LTE for remote sites. what would be the best way to set up the link between them 1) Port forwarding 2)VPN and if anybody has done it before, how to go about it. Thanks