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  1. Hi, Just wondering if anyone could help me out? I was talking to another engineer at site and he was saying he heard that there was an Allen-Bradley Panelview screen which could be installed within a Distribution and Control Box (DCB) / Load Centre (essentially a Ex d (Flameproof) enclosure) which has touchscreen capabilities. The DCB is located in the hazardous zone and is therefore explosion protected. He couldn't remember who told him of this and after looking on Rockwell's website I'm out of answers. My question is, is this even possible? The screen would need to be mounted within the Ex d (Flameproof) enclosure behind a viewing window and touch screen sensor would be mounted externally on the viewing window and have to be Ex ia (Intrinsically Safe). The application is within an underground coal mine in NSW, Australia. Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks so much for your help Jeff and Ken. Matt
  3. Hi everyone, I need some advice. I am using a ControlLogix to interface with a drive via RS-232. The drive uses the manufacturer’s proprietary binary protocol and I will write the communication interface as a 'C' application. Before I write the 'C' application I am researching possible ways to do this, so far I have the following options: ControlLogix -> Prosoft MVI56-ADM ('C' Programmable Communications Interface for ControlLogix) -> Drive ControlLogix -> Ethernet Module (Modbus TCP/IP) -> Industrial Microcontroller -> Drive ControlLogix -> Embedded operating system industrial PC (eg. Prosoft PC56-XP) --> Drive Does anyone know of any other ways to do this? I have searched for days and cannot find any other companies besides Prosoft who have created a 'C' application module for the ControlLogix platform, does anyone know of any other companies who do this? At the moment I believe the Prosoft MVI56-ADM card is way to go as it will be the easiest to implement. What do you think? Thanks in advance for you help. Matt