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  1. Trend does not display

    I m using factory talk SE6.0 under windows XP SP2, all data are saved in datalog file.
  2. Trend does not display

    Hi every body, in the plant we have 2 pc of supervision, one master for development and the second for control room operators. I can not display trends in the second one (operator pc) for all units of the plant. In the first pc, trends display normally but sometimes they stop for a period, a restarting pc resolve this problem. Can you please give advice for this ? :) thanks
  3. Tag browser window

    Hi everybody, i would like to assign a controller tag from RSLogix 5000 on FT View Studio SE, when i click on the buttom to select the tag, the tag browser window does not display on screen and the software freezes (i can not do anything on it). To close FT, i open the task manager to end FT task, i find only FactoryTalk is running, so when it closes, the tag browser window appears without having possibility to view his content. In the process tab, there is "Tagsrv" process running. Need help :)
  4. FactoryTalk Error Message

    Hi, i tried to resolve my problem with the tech support using this technote, i would like to confirm that on my laptop, there is no antivirus installed, no extra softwares, no firewall... it was never connected to internet so windows 7 was never updated.... All services are OK like in the technote.
  5. FactoryTalk Error Message

    Hello, nothing is abnormal with activation, in the column "expires" i have "n/a", and it is not a problem with activation as confirmed by the tech support :(
  6. FactoryTalk Error Message

    Hi everybody, i need help about this message when i start FactoryTalk View Studio, "this software requires personalized information that cannot be read." My Laptop is under Windows 7 - 32 bits / I5 Processor / 4Go Ram (but it indicates the only 2Go can be use) The FactoryTalk Version is 6.1 Who can help me to resolve this problem