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  1. Proble with Scale Function in CP1L

    Thanks very much for your time the example you gave me work perfectly for my situation. Thanks again  
  2. Proble with Scale Function in CP1L

    So if I had to use the APR instruction to try to scale &0-&350 to #0- #FFFF how would I have to write down the instruction because I read the manual and I can't understand what must be the control word.  
  3. I have a problem trying to scale a floating number coming from an HMI to a value to use on PID instructions.My problem is on the scaling instruction.Whenever i try to run on cx simulator it gives me an error My setup of the scale parameters are (using SCL3(487)) D616 #0000 D617 &350 D618 #FFFF D619 #FFFF D620 #0000 My ladder to use the float number is: *F(456) Value +10,0 D2120 FIX(450) D2120 D2062 SCL3(487) D2062 D616 D2072 The error that throws is 0x80F0 Thanks in advance for any help PS Also tried all Scaling instructions.I think my problem is the setup of parameters for scaling instructions