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  1. Dear All, Can we test an application made by RSview studio using Emulator 500, If yes what is the method Thanks
  2. Dear Ken, Inputs are limit switches, NPN prox. Sw and Photo senesors and for outputs relay outputs such as soleniod valves, contactors and digital inputs for drives with total number of I/O's 100. Thanks kale
  3. Dear All, Well I have an application of several I/O's located away (50 meters) from the Main PLC unit, SLC 5/04, and I want a soultion which ease troubleshooting (i.e less cables) and also affordable, so which one is the best in my situation (Device net, ASI, SCanner for remote I/O), Please Help experts. Thanks Kale
  4. ASI / SLC

    Dear Ken, Actually I need to use remote sensors ( max distance 50 meters) and in the same time I want to reduce number of cables and ease troubleshooting and in the same time not to forget cost impact, so sir what is your recommednations. thanks
  5. FX-32MR Manuals

    Dear All, Where i can find manuals for the FX-32MR PLC Thanks
  6. ASI / SLC

    Dear Ken, Thanks for the reply, but one point if we use device net network we must also use device net components such as AB devicenet sensors and I think they are expensive with reference to the ASI so do you have any other AB soultions for remote sensors. Best regards
  7. Dear All, I need to to connect NPN sensors to SLC 5/04 through ASI system does AB has complete pakage from master cards, slave, power supply and ASI sensors to support such soultion, please feedback. thanks kale
  8. Dear Bob, Thanks for your care but i have confirmed installing RSlinx 2.2 and not the lite version and also i have opened the RSlogix and I have confirmed that the input i'm monitoring in the RSview is coming and also the LED of the input card is on when I give the signal, it is too simple but I must missing something, so please help how I can see a single input in the micrologix or SLC through the RSview 6.3 . thanks khaleda1@yahoo.com
  9. Yes sir, I double check the address and node configuration but when I for example monitor a tag, I:0/0 it give me the error thanks
  10. Dear All, I have a small problem which is I need to connect Scada system( Rsview 32 ver 6.3) to micrologix 1200 through DH 485 protocol but when selecting node type in the Edit node I don't find the Micrologix listed. Ok, another trial I have made, connected a SLC 5/04 with DH+ and tried to setup the node type SLC 5 and SLC 5 enhanced and in both trials when testing the tag monitor it gives status error. thanks for any help. best regards kale email: khaleda1@yahoo.com
  11. Dear All, I need a example apllication for RSview( Ver 6.3) showing trends, forms, ...etc. Thnaks My email: khaleda1@yahoo.com
  12. Hi, From where we can get the Pbase s/w to read the basic module program
  13. Dear All, Could anybody help in sending me a RSLOGIX program, RS Logix 500, including ASCII commands . Thanks email : khaleda1@yahoo.com
  14. Dear All, I'm a beginner in RSlogix 500 and i need a program (i.e *.RSS ) , has good applications such as PID, speed controllers, communications,...etc and if possible with the hardware wiring. Thanks for all