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  1. Hello Guys, Good day i countered SL500 CPU, i can't go online because the program was password protected, can you help me please...I don't have any offline backup program. Thank you so much....

    Dear Ron, Thank you so much... I believe you suggestion it can help a lot of me.. once again thank you so much...I will try this....
  3. Hello Everyone, I need your help badly, I have Controllogix CPU and redundant system, before when i try to edit it is working after 3 months i made more addition logic and this error always appear. OUT OF LOGIC MEMORY IN THE CONTROLLER. I have two attachment photos for your reference. thank you so much........ ERROR.bmp PLC_Error.zip
  4. RS Linx 2.58

    Hello everyone, I have new PC windows 7 64 bits i try to installed RS Linx 2.58 after i restart the pc it won't work any one cant help me pls....Thank You so much...By the way I'm using old activation key..
  5. MVI94_MCM

    Hello Guy, Hi i need your help i have MVI94_MCM has already installed. The existing configuration is Start Read_Data is 700 and the Read_data count is 42 this configuration is working well. Then i edit Read_Data count into 150 then i download it was successful. I create a copy file in the controllogix Read_Data[50] why there no data comming from this address but in the prosoft module there is. Thank you so much......
  6. Logix5000

    Hi Gaz. Just make a timer instead TON then make a TOF timer. the tof is from your preset value down to zero.
  7. ABB Advant 31 CPU

    Hello.. guy good day to all. can i ask a favor? because this is my first time to in counter ABB PLC any one how to know to back-up the program. Than You so much...
  8. VMware PCI

    Dear all, Hello everyone, i need your help regarding my PC. i have a windows 7 OS in my pc and i installed VMware V7.1 an i all successfully installed my all Allen Bradley Software but when i put my PCIS hardware it wont detect in the XP OS in VMware no PCI detection.. pls give me an advice how can i make this into possible...thank you so much...
  9. Modbus slave

    Can you give your system drawing? so i can see where the master or slave location. and what brand your master and the brand your slave...
  10. Modbus TRU in contrologix rack

    Hello Hamza, I'll just finish this kind of problem last week , its working well now. You can run the Prosoft Module even without the ADD-ON. you can copy the sample program in Irax CD of prosoft. you find there your prosoft module model Ex: MVI56-MCM-E there is sample for Master and Salve. Then you can edit that as your main program. You can email me if you have other question. raulvirtudazo@gmail.com
  11. prosoft

    Hello everyone, I need your help pls......i have prosoft mvi56-mcm module i already confgure the port1 In master mode its working.. but i try to configure port2 in master mode also it doesn't work. Almost same configuretion in port1.. pls i need support to me. Thanks you so much..
  12. Porsoft to Bently

    Hello everyone, Please help me.... I have ControLogix PLC of Allen Bradley and im using Prosoft MCM-MVI56 module. But i already used this before the prosoft ist working, for now im try connect my prosoft module to 3500/92 module of Bently Nevada but doesn't work. please help me..
  13. Hi, You computer is Windows 7 OS. you must intalled RSLinx 2.58 version or higher the lower on that it doesen't work.
  14. SoftLogix5800 Ethernet/ip

    Hello Ken, Thank Yuo so much of your wonderful advise to me. the problem was, my windows firewall was not disable. now my 1794-AENT adapter is working well...Thank you so much.......