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  1. QJ71C24N-R4 G.Input command

    Thanks Gambit. I think I almost had that figured out. I have used the A CPU's for 20 years & just starting to use the Q series on a few projects. So I am getting the impression that it will be easier (once I get it working once), but I am still getting started.  What are these "pre-defined" protocols - you can point me in the right direction or towards a manual & that should be all I need.   Thanks again
  2. QJ71C24N-R4 G.Input command

    I need some help with G.input and g.output commands. I have a Q04UDEHCPU and my slots are as follow: slot 0 - QJ61BT11N cclink slot 1 - QJ61BT11N cclink slot 2 - QJ71C24N-R4  2-channel RS4222/RS485   I need to have 2 separate RS485 stings going to different devices. I cannot find the way of setting up the g.output command. G.Output "Un" (s1) (s2) (d) "Un" says it is the start I/O signal of the module, but I am not sure what that means. What there be a different "Un" number for each channel?