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  1. EDS files problem

    I looked very carefully, but there is no diplayed file in the library tree! I don't know why, but I am not permitted to upload EDS files. Here is RAR file and when you extract this file specified EDS file is "AU4A0011_SI-N3_v1.8", it is only file! Pleace try and tell me what happened! AU4A0011_SI-N3_v1.8.rar
  2. EDS files problem

    Not helpful. I have already tried to do this.
  3. EDS files problem

    Hi everyone, I have problem with installing EDS files in CX Integrator. I am download EDS file which I need. In Cx integrator I do next: Tools -> EDS file -> Install. Than I choose this file. After that, when I want to Insert Component, EDS file I installed is not displayed anywhere! Thanks