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  1. Choose Keypad GTDesigner3

    To make many different entry screens, is it better to create these as pop-up windows and call them in code rather than change the global keyboard? i say many, but 1 or 2 different styles ?
  2. Hi, Does anyone know how to save the Memory location when transferring programs. By this I mean we normally send the Symbolic Information to the Memory (SD) card. I have one project that does this automatically and selects the SD card when transferring programs. The other always defaults to the Program Memory in the PLC. Any hints as to how I achieved this...   Thanks   Ian
  3. Is there a way to have the address auto assigned through the label database. So it's a latch autoassigned ?    
  4. OEE Measurements

    Gambit is spot on, just what I was after, will look in the  SCADA
  5. OEE Measurements

    Hi All,   Just wanted some advice. Has anyone done any OEE measurement / calculations. I'm leaning to using MES then maybe using Excel to gather and process the numbers. I'd guess we have 20-30 systems to monitor all using L or Q series PLC's with either GT25 or GT27 HMI's   Cheers    
  6. Animation / Mov / GIF Playback

    Actually getting a 'file' to play or how to ?!?!?    
  7. Animation / Mov / GIF Playback

  8. Animation / Mov / GIF Playback

    Hi Folks,   Has anyone found a neat way to playback video or any form of animation. We mostly have GT2000 running on L-Series PLCs Or maybe experience of the multimedia card, the last time we looked at it you couldn't show selected videos in a window  ?   Cheers    
  9. GX Works Block Write K0

    Its an L series on GX Works in SFC so no ZRST a BRST doesn't work oddly ? An FMOV it is cheers !        
  10. GX Works Block Write K0

    Hi Folks,   I want to write '0' into a series of 16 D registers For some reason the BMOVP K0 D300 K16 doesn't or isn't accepted as a valid command   Any better ways ?
  11. Daylight Saving Time Adjustment

    Being stupid how do you import it ? My library files come up as SUL files ?    
  12. Daylight Saving Time Adjustment

    Thanks, will have a look when I'm back on Monday :)
  13. Daylight Saving Time Adjustment

    GX works is ok
  14. Daylight Saving Time Adjustment

    Thanks, GX Developer if possible ? I can see how it will work if the system is running as DST occurs, but the issue I have is if the system is switched off, then on again after DST has occurred. So you miss the actual change point.  
  15. Daylight Saving Time Adjustment

    Thanks, the time/date implementation isn't the same for L and Q over the FX series, so that code doesn't work