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  1. omron cx-one

    i connect cqm1 with syswin by set the baud rate 2400 7,E, 1. but i want to connect it with cx-one. how can i set baud rate of 2400 in cx- one?? plz guide me.
  2. omron cx-one

    i made according to mention figure, but not communicate. u mean that RS232c is not solution. we must use intrerface module???
  3. omron cx-one

    ok tahanx dear.. one thing more i want to communicate cqm1 with my pc. i made cable according to data sheet but that cable unable to connect with plc. plz guide me 4 this. RS232C cabe thanx
  4. omron cx-one

    Aslamalikum i have omron plc in industry. cqm1 cpu41 and 2 i/o module. i did not use cx-one before that. plz guide me how i start my work oncx-one programmer. one thing more if i make programe , then how i simulate withought hardware?//