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  1. [Q]About call Subrountine in FX1N

    I try to program and had an error with FX1N© when write program to PLC the led Error is blinking This is my program : Can you show me error on my program ?
  2. [Q]About call Subrountine in FX1N

    I'm using GFX developer V8 and ladder program. "3) When a Call a subroutine it runs the sub routine and then jumps back to the program after the CALL instruction." Dose it will process Subrountine after jump back to the program after the Call instruction ?
  3. [Q]About call Subrountine in FX1N

    Hi, I'm learning program Mitshubishi PLC and don't know how to funtion Call Subrountine do. I've read manual but not clearly about it do: Any one can give me some example about it to known clearly and use Call funtion. Thanks !