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  1. Momentum to Magelis

    Sorted, just needed the correct cable connections. Well done Schneider. If any one is interested, comms is RS232, standard Modbus protocol. Cable is XBTZ9711 & XBTZG939. Now i can get on with the programming...............
  2. Any help would be appreciated. I have a Momentum M1 171 CCS 760 00 PLC on an ADI 350 00 input base, also connected to an ADO 350 00 via interbus 170 INT 110 00 module. This is all communicating ok. I have a Magelis HMISTU855. I believe the way to connect them together is via Modbus (RTU). The Magelis has a COM1 port which takes an RJ45 connector, but i believe it is RS232 (Modbus). The PLC has an RJ45 connector which i have been used for programming from the PC. Have tried a straight through RJ45 cable, but don't seem to get any comms, i'm not sure if it's the cable or the configuration of the Magelis. I haven't set up any comms in the PLC. If this is the correct solution, the only downside i can see is that i won't be able to program the PLC while it is connected to the Magelis. There is a spare interbus 9-pinD connector on the 170 INT 110 00, but don't think this is of any help. Any ideas ??, Anyone sucessfully got these two talking ?? Don't really want to have to order any more kit, so hope there is a solution with what i've got.