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  1. Microinnovation XV251 problem

    Good Morining, The only way to upload a program from an XV200 series is to tranfer the project to or from the CF card. What you need to do to gain communication, when you done the firmware update did you click to download the PLC? also what version of CoDeSys are you using? If you are using V2.3.9 SP2 then you need to ensure that 2.3.9 SP2 firmware is loaded. I hope this helps. Graham Dajo Solutions
  2. CoDeSys connection to a PLC via GSM Modem

    We are trying to connect to an EATON Automation XC-CPU101 via a GSM modem. (Maestro GSM 100) We can get two hyper terminal sessions communicating via the GSM modem with the correct serial comms settings. (tried 9600, 19200 and 38400 baudrate) We are using the following pinout configuration for comms between the Modem and PLC, 2to2, 3to3, 5to5. Laptop modem talks to GSM modem OK, but getting a communication error when dialing from CoDeSys. CoDeSys is set to use Serial (Modem) within the communication parameters. What do you think we are doing wrong? What is the difference between Serial (Modem) & Modem (RS232)(level 2 Route)?
  3. Eaton/Moeller

    Thanks for the reply, We support the whole range of Eatons PLC's from the Easy Range, XC-CPU range and all HMI's. We as a company are a solution supplier, so hardware and writen software to complete to job. As a company we have over 30 years knowledge of the Moeller/Eaton PLC' ranging back to the PS3 - and PS4 PLC's. So i hope we will able to help support some people on here too.
  4. Eaton/Moeller

    Good Afternoon, Firstly I would like to say hi my name is Graham and I work for a company called DAJO Solutions. I would like to introduce the company as we are an Automation Partner to the Eaton/Moeller range of HMI and PLC’s. If anyone has any technical question they need answers to please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01327 354693 or email us at fax@dajo.co.uk. Many Thanks Graham Pritchard PS, i hope i will be abe to help with any posted questions on this forum for the Eaton products.