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  1. Hi Gambit, i mean we are using the JP_READ for Q12 with GX IEC Developer 7.04 and GX Works 2 using JP_READ with Q13 UDEH.   Stu.
  2. Hi Gambit, i mean we are using the JP_READ for Q12 with GX IEC Developer 7.04 and GX Works 2 using JP_READ with Q13 UDEH.   Stu.
  3. Hi, I have an issue with a Q13UDEH being programmed with GX Works 2. I also have a Q12H already programmed with GX IEC Developer v7.04. The issue is that I cannot get inter plc comms working with the GX Works 2 , but yet it works with GX IEC Developer e.g. reads R800 to R899. Both PLC’s can see each other and can ping them, but not data exchange from Q12H to Q13UDEH..
  4. Test Stand Alternative

    Hi All, i've been using Test Stand to simulate my projects to customers. But as test stand is quite old now is there any alternatives to this i could use?   Stu
  5. Connecting a GOT 2508 to Mitsubishi Q12 plc

    Hi, thanks for the Help. It seems the first issue was the GOT station number. I've got it as 1 in the above setup, it should be 60. Going play around with the melsoft settings for UDP as i have it working on TCP.   Stuart
  6. Connecting a GOT 2508 to Mitsubishi Q12 plc

    Hi Gambit, thanks for the reply. Please see attached.   Thanks, Stuart
  7. Hi, i'm having a bit of trouble connecting my GOT 2508 to Q12 plc via ethernet. I have follwed the advice that GOT manuals have given me but i still cannot connect. I belive my GOT setting are correct now, but entirely sure they are correct in my Q12. I'm using GX IEC Develope 7.04.   Thanks, Stuart
  8. RSNetWorx for ControlNet Sheduling

    Did this something similar to this onsite and it worked a treat
  9. Hi All, I need to add an 1756-IF8 to my controlnet on a L61 PLC. I have already added the device to RSLogix 5000 and inhibited it for the moment. I have RSNetWorx for Controlnet version 11 as it is an older project. What do i need to do to schedule this device on controlnet? I've been told you need to be online with RSNetWorx and then do an upload, what else do you need to do to schedule this device. Any help greatly appreciated.   Thanks Stu
  10. Prosoft MVI69-MCM RS485 connection

    No, but looks a nice piece of kit, i've used something similar in the past but not as useful.
  11. Prosoft MVI69-MCM RS485 connection

    Thank you for your reply. I needed a bit confirmation that this was right, as the wiring will be using the RJ45 port to panel input/outputs for each core of the RJ45.
  12. Hi, Does anyone know the R485 pinouts for the RJ45 ports on this modbus card. I've read the manual it suggests the pin 1 is non-inverting and pin 8 is inverting, but that's with a DB-9 to RJ45.   Thanks, Stuart
  13. PanelView plus 1000 touch screen config

    Hi BCS, thanks for thorough response it's much appreciated I just need a compact flash card. Not got one here at the moment, but looking at the other thread i'm sure this will work. Thanks again for all the hard work, hopefully i will get the compact flash card then i can you and others that read this tread know. Stu PS HMI is from a sewage works, so very far from British Intelligence
  14. PanelView plus 1000 touch screen config

    Hi, thanks for the response. I'm lucky enough to have one of those hmi's with no white screen. I've tried the keyboard but could not get in that way. The hmi does have a "GO TO CONFIG" but it is password protected. So can't determin ip address of hmi there, so i will either after do a factory reset or scan with a ip scanner to determin the ip address of the hmi. Or update the firmware Thanks Stuart
  15. Hi All, i've previously used a panel view before but not a touch screen version. Normally i would either get into the config mode via the shutdown button (not got password to log in). Or via the grey box on boot up, this touch screen doe'snt have a grey box on boot up. How can i get to config mode? Thanks, Stuart