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  1. How to upload from TSX 2720

    Thank you very much, JC!
  2. How to upload from TSX 2720

    I was going to be happy, but failed :) F5 option is inactive I also tried to do this on Virtual OS/2 and Import was ok, but I can't open the program because of lack of license. I'll try to copy a project from Virtual OS to FTX.. Could you please import our bin file to some new project and send me entire project?
  3. How to upload from TSX 2720

    Hello, mister JC. As for 363.pdf, we've found it before. Thanks. Our customer asked some program files and they got a *.bin file. Is it useful? Can we edit it or see the code?
  4. How to upload from TSX 2720

    We tried to connect to TSX 27. But as for converter, we haven't got (haven't use) one Maybe because there're a settings in BIOS concerned function mode of COM port and you can choose would it work as RS232 or Current Loop (smth like that) So we are fools now? :)
  5. How to upload from TSX 2720

    Hello everybody. Have you subscribed to our news? :) Cause we've got some. My colleague found some old pictures of the first connection attempts. It says that connected PLC is TSX 17, but "27" sign is written on the PLC. It says that control system version is less than v5.
  6. How to upload from TSX 2720

    All right, thank you very much. Well, I get to that last window yesterday. And my colleague said that he got to that window too. And after choosing "0 - Transfer terminal <-> TSX" option he got a message with something about version incompatibility of v3.3 and v5.0. We can't get that message being offline, so I guess that he was online then. No more information for now.
  7. How to upload from TSX 2720

    Almost a month ago my colleague made a business trips to that plant for a several times and tried to upload the program, but failed. And I wasn't there, but just tried to find solution in the Internet. We couldn't wait so long and decided to write the program using operator manuals and control/electrical schemes. So we can't retry to make an upload whenever we want. Maybe later, among the things. Yesterday I launched PL7-2 offline and tried to do something. I understand, that without real PLC I can't go online, but I would at least see some window, some information about connection. But F1 opens Help; and F2 opens that window you posted (or I can doubleclick the PLC icon in the project for the same). And then in that window: F1 - switch cursor to the left field "Mem. de travail (WORK MEM)"; F2 - switch to the right field "Mode operatoire (OPER)"
  8. How to upload from TSX 2720

    Thank you again, my friend :) I saw that window and that option needed is not available. I can't choose it. Here I've got config.sys from drive D, but I was making a photo from the screen and lost several rows -_- The only strange thing I've found is in the row #40 where DPATH contains element: C:\WINDOWSc:\OS2; - yes, without a ';' separator. Does it matter? D_config.sys.txt
  9. How to upload from TSX 2720

    Thank you, acpi. But I don't understand why Transfer option is just not available. TSX 2720 v5.0 have this option active, but TSX 2720 v3.0 have this option disabled. The only config.sys I've found via Search. But I was searching on drive C, today I'll try other drives. C:\CONFIG.SYS DOS=HIGH, UMB DEVICE=C:\DOS\SETVER.EXE DEVICEHIGH C:\DOS\HIMEM.SYS DEVICEHIGH C:\DOS\EMM386.EXE NOEMS BUFFERS=30 FILES=40 STACKS=9,256 COUNTRY=49,437,C:\DOS\COUNTRY.SYS SHELL=C:\DOS\COMMAND.COM C:\DOS\ /E:512 /p LASDRIVE=Z DEVICE=C:\ASAW\DRIVERS\DUNTLW.EXE PROFILE=C:\ASAW\DRIVERS\DUNTLW.001
  10. How to upload from TSX 2720

    I guess my problem is solved :( Is it true that we can upload the code only from TSX 2720 v5.0 and higher? My TSX is v3.3, menu option Transfer is inactive. If I put TSX 2720 v5 to configuration, option Transfer becomes active.
  11. How to upload from TSX 2720

    How can I know that cable is working? How to test the connection with TSX? What do I need to know about that TSX 2720? Used driver, hardware configuration.. Is it possible, to make an upload into blank project or should I configure a new project first? Could FTX have some driver problems? What driver should I choose in X-tel? FTX shows me a message on startup, smth like this: "UNTLW01 driver error, listening timeout" Could I use TSXPC01 driver?
  12. Hello to everyone! I've got FTX 507 8B portable terminal with OS/2 and X-TEL 6.1 onboard. Interface cable included. I need to make an upload from PLC Telemecanique TSX 2720. Maybe someone have got X-Tel manual or would write here a brief instructions? The problem is also that OS/2 and X-Tel are in German language and I should not change this.. Any help, please.