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  1. Omron PLC integral calculation

    On every cycle execute something like this; ErrorValue = CurrentValue - SetPoint IntegralSum = IntegralSum + ErrorValue * CycleTimeValue (A264 for CJ1) Then use IntegralSum as a scalar as it will get pretty big
  2. Reset high speed counter in CP1L

    I reset a CJ1M HSC using INI, I just preset the count to 0. This is done in an interrupt and works fine.
  3. 8750-1 does NOT send voltage. RTFM! Have a look at drawing, you need to add power supply
  4. Is the model a Signet 8750-1? If it is, then it has only an open collector output. The reason there is no voltage at A/D is Signet does not produce any! See the following Sensors page 8750-1 manual.PDF
  5. omron plc through ethernet and company vpn

    IP doesn't have to be set in the ETN setup It can be set in DM30000 + (unit number * 100), (the unit setup area), +98 and +99 Each byte of the words contains an octet of the IP address Not that helps with the immediate problem but it is useful to know, especially when your customer doesn't know where on their network they want to put it.
  6. High-speed counter Interrupts ON CP1H

    Does the high speed counter value change? If not Have you enabled the counter in the settings? Do you have the correct type of count for you input device (diff. phase, Up/down, etc)? Have the settings been sent to the PLC? Does the interrupt run when called manually using "TKON &8010"? Use "TKOF &8010" to stop it. I verify that interrupts are running by using "P_On" and "++(wordX)". WordX will increment each time the interrupt is cycled through.
  7. CPM2A - Counter RESET

    Aye, you're right anonymous........ what can I say, it was early and I was decrementing a word in my own code. Confusion reigned
  8. CPM2A - Counter RESET

    You could try differentiating your limit switch and encoder inputs this would stop the counters counting every cycle that the switch is made See example CCM__2_.cxp
  9. CPM2A - Problem with BCD math calculations

    In the first 2 lines you move decimal (&) numbers but they should be BCD (#) to work with MUL and DIV. Try writing them as MOVL #10000 and MOV #3142 Watch the size of the result of the MULL though because depending on LengthNeeded you could end up going into too many words and miss the vital data when dividing to find NOREVSNEEDED.
  10. Question about DM.

    Indirect addressing is possible. By using @ or * infront of Dxxxxx in a command the PLC looks at value in Dxxxxx and uses it as the address @ is for decimal numbers (range 0- 32k) * is for BCD (range 0- 9999) For your example D100 = 1 If you use @D100 in a command the command will use the data in D1
  11. cj1m io addressing

    The ID211s (inputs) from CIO7.00 to 14.15 these are simple on/offs The OC211s (outputs) from CIO15.00 to 21.15 these are simple on/offs The MAD42 (analogue) CIO2045/6/7/8 are inputs while CIO2041/2 are outputs For a better idea of MAD42 look at the pdf page 317 because there are also setup words to consider in DM area The pdf can be found HERE Oops, too slow to answer, beaten to it by Sleepy
  12. FBs & CPU versions

    Thanks ParaffinPower
  13. FBs & CPU versions

    Does anyone know what revisions of CJ1M CPU can use FBs? Is it after ver3 only? Thanks in advance, Ben
  14. High Speed A/D Sampling

    Cheers guys, I've re-written it now to shut down all processes except for 3 lines of cyclic code that does the record. I'm hoping this should cut the 5ms cycle down to under 1ms and if I can get near 8 samples I'd be happy. As yet it's not tested but fingers crossed it should get me somewhere close. Ben