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  1. Hi Yasir,

    I was trying to reset CP1W CIF41, you did mention in a post about resetting it using A525.00 and A525.01, Mine is ver2

    Do I need to set the too bits to reset it? I had a strange problem with my CIF41. I could use the setup page to set up the IP ADDRESS SUBNET, FINS NODE. I could see the IP address at the D32000 register when I connect to the PLC using USB. I could ping it. I couldn't find any error logs . But still, there is that red err led flashing. I couldn't figure out why I use default port 9600 as well. 

    The problem is that before I was able to upload and download code using CIF41 but not anymore I guess its because of the Err. 

    Thank you,


    1. joelsimon15


      Thanks a lot for the valuable information, sir. I couldn't even find this on the user manual. you must be a genius. 

      It worked


  2. While installing Smc1704_0101Setup.exe its installing Microsoft.V.C++ please check that this program (see jpg)  is installed correctly    

    It seems that this is NPN stepper you may need to use NX-PG0112
  4. I had the same Error. I tried to restore Windows registry. didn't help The error occurs because some references to libraries of CX-Programmer have been removed from the Windows registry . This can happen if you use "optimization" tools for Windows such as CCleaner or similar. The only solution is to uninstall and re-install everything.
  5. Migration from C60H

    1) In order to run syswin on WIN7 64 BIT you need to install microsoft virtual XP you can download it for free from microsft http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows7/install-and-use-windows-xp-mode-in-windows-7 then you can install syswin on xp 2) you might need USB TO RS232 CONVERTER 3) RUN SYSWIN and upload the program from C60H C60H has Built-in RS232 there is no need for any adapter but the cable is Different 9pin ------ 9 pin male 2------------------2 3------------------3 5------------------7 (not 9) 4-5 Short at plc 7-8 Short at computer 4) upload the program and save it then change the plc type to CPM2 (This will convert all internal relay like 18.13 to 253.13 P_On) 5) open the file with CXprogrammer *.SWP save it as *.cxp and convert it to CP1L-60 6) Replace IO to Match the new IO of the CP1L FIRST THE OUTPUTS out 1.00-1.07 ---> 100.00-100.07 1.08-1.11----> 101.00-101.03 and more THEN INPUT IN 0.00-0.11----->0.00-0.11 0.12-0.15 -----> 1.00-1.03 and more
  6. cp1l/em cpu with a1000 over ethernet/ip

    What type of communication card do you have in the A1000 inverter?
  7. CP1W-CIF41 Ethernet Module Cannot Connect

    If the unit is V2.0 It is possible to reset it to default. by using A525.00 A525.01
  8. 1) Open plc settings 2) Go to Built-in ethernet click FINS/TCP settings 3) Click EDIT CHANGE node FROM 0 to 251 4) Download settings to plc 5) Cycle the power to plc 4) In CXP communication settings go to driver disable Auto-negotiation and set 251 as work station node addres Work online with any IP
  9. NEW NJ 301 4 OR 8 AXES at 1 mili sec NJ301.pdf
  10. Hi All, I would like to know if any one has tried to use the new software Sysmac Studio and the new plc NJ501 This software will replace the CXONE .OMRON NJ NJ
  11. Printer connected to NS screen

    1) By installing NS system version 8 or higher any printer with PICBRIGE might be a suitable replacement. Also the USB CABLE A-B should be replace to B-B 2) An other option is to install 2G memory card in NS change the printing target to memory card .($sw) up to 999 bmp files might be saved The user can print the picture or just save them in hard disk by using FTP server (this could done with Ethernet). If NS hasn't Ethernet you may use 2 memory card also a memory card extension could be use
  12. SCU21

    Reception counter (n+10 for port 1) (n+20 for port 2) (n=1500*unit No.) Indicate the number of bytes received. (waiting in the SCU buffer).
  13. Help with CN3 monitor cable!

    l think it is smart step servo drive cable. Computer Monitor Cable R7A-CCA002P2
  14. Help with CN3 monitor cable!

    You can use CXDRIVE software include in CXONE to program parameters and monitor drive parameters. In the prameter table you can find all modbus address.
  15. SCU21

    I think you can keep using the RXDU and add an other RXDU instruction with #00 for the number of bytes IN ORDER TO CLEAR THE BUFFER/ If 0 is specified for N, the Reception Completed Flag and Reception Overflow Flag will be turned OFF, the Reception Counter will be cleared to 0, and nothing will be stored in memory.