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  1. Is there a reason why you choose a singleturn encoder. With multiturn encoders it will be easier to use the motion axis and no programming to do. 
  2. Connecting Sysmac Studio HMI to CJ PLC

    Look at the video in this link It might help you
  3. Time Input from NB Screen CP1L-E

    Your NB screen is sending you binary data so if you want to use it as BCD you should convert it with the function BCD instead of using the MOV function. (BCD H4 W4). 
  4. Crossbow is right, just use a digital outputs to activate the motion you want. All position and motion needs to be program in the Festo configuration tool software.
  5. The CMMO-ST-C5-DIOP is a stepper drive with digital input to activate point to point position or record sequence already program in the drive. You don't need to declare as servo in sysmac. 
  6. High Speed Counter

    The interrupt is activate only once when enter or leave the range. So, your output will be On only one plc scan. I suggest to only use a A270 in the program and compare with range. The A270 is a DINT so compare with long range fonction.
  7. Controls system - what to choose

    For the last few years now, we use Omron NX remote IO. With these price per Analog Input/Output drop a lot compare to PLC Rack card. You can use Omron PLC or you can use your PLC brand with Ethernet/IP communication.