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  1. barcode scanner with cpm2c PLC(omron)

    Please let us know the details about your bar-code scanner. I believe your bar-code scanner uses serial commands over RS232. In this case you can use CS1W-CN118 (cable convert mini-peripheral port to an RS-232C port) to communicate with the device. But still you have to read user manual of the bar-code scanner to identify serial commands.
  2. Has anyone tried to connect absolute encoder with OMRON CP1E PLC, This is the first time I'm going to try this so please advice me on, 1. the connection diagram 2. PLC settings 3. Which instruction has to use for read the encoder value. This information is very valuable for me before purchase anything.
  3. EJ1N-HFU-ETN - Profinet IO gateway

    Thank you Jay. I think it taking necessarily power from the end unit. - Chinthana
  4. EJ1N-HFU-ETN - Profinet IO gateway

    hi, This is the first time im going to use EJ1N-HFU-ETN Ethernet to serial gateway. can enybody explain me how this device going to power up (where i have to give the operating voltage?). before I purchase anything I would like to have your valuable advice. Thanks & Regards, Chinthana
  5. FINS/TCP with SEND(090) Instruction

    According to the instruction help if you wants to send data from "PLC" to "Computer" you have to use Hostlink. But I think if this is about monitoring (Reading/Writing) PLC memory areas using Computer you can do this easily by using OPC Server. Ex. Kepware
  6. W114 SYSMAC NET Link operations manual

    Thank you very much.. this is exactly wat i want...
  7. W114 SYSMAC NET Link operations manual

    Hi, I'm looking for W114 SYSMAC NET Link operations manual. I tried to find it in internet but still no luck. I will appreciate if some one can give me this manual as it very important to me. Thanks, Chinthana
  8. Omron PLC CQM1 problem

    Hi, Recipe values are stored in PLC "D" Memory area so Backup and restore the PLC memory also. If you need any help on backup memory please come back... Regards, Chinthana
  9. Connecting to a OMRON PLC

    Yes, The cable need two drivers in order to work (OMRON USB Device and Serial Communication Port). If the drivers are missing for the com port you should be able to see it as unknown device in device manager with yellow color. So both drivers are included in the drivers folder and update the drivers for the unknown device by showing drivers folder. Regards, Chinthana
  10. Connecting to a OMRON PLC

    My Friend, I assume you want to connect CJ1M-CPU11 with CX-Programmer. Use Cables : CS1W-CN226 + CS1W-CIF31 To connect PLC peripheral port to USB port in PC. Install attached USB drivers for CS1W-CIF31. If you are using Virtual Machine install drivers for both Host machine and virtual machine. Regards, Chinthana CS1W-CIF31 (Win7 32bit and 64bit).zip CS1W-CIF31 (WinXP).zip
  11. Dear Friends, We have one Plasma cutting machine which has an OMRON Trajexia Motion controller. Some times Trajexia motion controller program memory getting corrupted. So every time I'm reprogram the motion controller and after two three weeks it is getting corrupted so any solution to avoid this. Thank You, Chinthana
  12. Dear All, I have a problem with communicating E5CC Temperature controller with OMRON NQ series HMI. Communication not possible to established. Following settings I made in E5CC temperature controller Communication mode: Modbus Comm. Speed : 9.6kbs Node No: 1 Following settings I made in NQ5-SQ000-B HMI ========================================= Port : Com1 Protocol: Modbus RTU Master (NQ as master) Comm. Speed: 9.6Kbs Data bits:7 Stop bits:2 Flow control:none Model:16 words Default communication register : 50 (Holding registers) Communication cable also fine. Here I attached the NQ program file with this.
  13. OMRON Connection Problem CQM1-CIF02 Interface Unit

    Hi Nick, I'm using CQM1-CIF02 + third party RS232 -> USB with my laptop it woks for me fabulously. OS : Win7 x64bin Home Premium CX Programmer Version: 9.03 I think you have a problem with your USB converter cable. - Chinthana
  14. Scada with 3G3JX OMRON inverter

    3G3JX Supports Modbus communication. So you can use PC RS232 serial port and Protocol converter (RS232 <--> Modbus). For more information
  15. NT-Series Support Tool Problem

    I tried to upload program using NTST 4.1 I triied to open the mmi file using NTST 4.8