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  1. Fanuc Robot Group IO Problem

    Problem solved!!! The issue was with how I wired the outputs on my Micrologix 1400 (or should I say, how I didn't wire them). My ML 1400 controller has groups of outputs that are isolated relay outputs and one group of outputs that are FET outputs. I didn't catch this when I wired all my outputs. The last 3 bits of my robot Group Inputs (bits 3,4 and 5) are wired to these FET outputs. I needed to wire a 24vdc (-) to the COM terminal for this group to function properly. I don't have this wire on that terminal. So, basically, I had a voltage leakage without this COM terminal being wired. So I added a 24vdc (-) on the COM terminal, tried my sequencing test again and....PRESTO! All five of my bit signals are now returning the correct integers on my robot group input (GI[1]. Whew! I appreciate all the help guys. Thanks!
  2. Hi all. This is a Fanuc Robotics related question. I could really use some help with this unusual problem. I have a Fanuc M-16i robot (w/ an RJ-3 controller). I also have a Micrologix 1400 used in conjunction with the controls. I’m trying to use the Group IO function on the robot for the first time. I want to use only 5 bits. It all seemed fairly simple to configure. The problem I’m having is that when I turn on a certain set of bits in this group, I’ll get an INCORRECT integer number. I hope this explains the problem I’m encountering: I configured GI [1] = Rack 1, Slot 2, Start Point 1, Num Pts 5 (remember I only want to use five bits as a group. I assigned 5 (five) Micrologix output bits to each Group input point for GI[1]. I verified my group signals this way: 1) When I turn on ONLY Bit 1, GI[1]= 1 (Correct!) 2) When I turn on ONLY Bit 2, GI[1]= 2 (Correct!) 3) When I turn on ONLY Bit 3, GI[1]= 4 (Correct!) 4) When I turn on ONLY Bit 4, GI[1]= 8 (Correct!) 5) When I turn on ONLY Bit 5, GI[1]= 16 (Correct!) 6) When I turn on Bits 1 and 2, GI[1]= 3 (Correct!) 7) When I turn on Bits 1, 2 and 3, GI[1]= 7 (Correct!) 8) And as I keep checking the bit sequence like this, all seems to be going accurately….EXCEPT....when I start using Bits 3, 4 and 5 together, the problem arises. When I turn on Bits 3 and 4, GI[1]= 28 (INCORRECT!) – This should be 12. As I’m discovering, turning on bits 3, 4 and 5 individually will give me the correct values. But when I turn on any two of these bits (3,4,5) I’m always getting a value of 28. Basically, any combination of two inputs between IN3,IN4 and IN5 is giving me 28. This is wrong. Example: Bits 3 and 4 turned on is giving me 28 (should be 12) Bits 4 and 5 turned on is giving me 28 (should be 24) Bits 3 and 5 turned on is giving me 28 (should be 20) By the way, all bits ON is giving me 31 (Which is correct!) I don't get it! I’m stumped as to why this is happening. I hope my explanation makes sense. And I hope it’s something as just overlooking some kind of configuring thing I may have missed. Can anyone that understands my problem help me. I truly appreciate it! Thanks a bunch!
  3. I posted this topic on the General Lounge and forgot there was a section for robots. It should've gone here. Anyway, please help!!! This is related to Fanuc Robots. I can really use some help with this problem: I have a Fanuc Arcmate 100 running on an R-J controller. I had the main CPU go out on me. It was replaced and now I have to reload the system software. I'm using KFLOPPY on my PC. I got some great help on this forum on how to transfer the data from the individual floppy disks to the controller using KFLOPPY (Thanks!). I'm having a problem with one of the disks (at least I believe it's a problem). After being prompted to insert the LIBRARY1 disk on the teach pendant, I do so, and then attempt to transfer the data from that disk. But it just stalls at that point. I get a message that doesn't look good to me. My Teach Pendant screen looks like this: _____________________ Opening P3:/AWSEUPEG.TX. Opening P3:/AWSFMNWNEG.TX. Opening P3:/AWSCHDEG.TX. Opening P3:/AWWV.AS. Opening P3:/AWWV.AS. INTP related sysv (initial) Loading from LIBRARY1. _____________________ What does "INTP related sysv (initial)" mean? After scrolling through many "Opening P3:/XXXX" lines, I get this message when I come to this disk. I've tried reloading from scratch several times but everytime I get to this disk, I have this same message appear. And it just stalls. Or is it stalling? Is there something still loading at this point and I'm just being too impatient? Could I possibly have a corrupt file on the disk? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!