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  1. I has read the Micro800 manual and no have the way to recovery the password. Just clean all memory and redownload new project. BR
  2. Dear All.our machine has using Micro850 and was loss the password. it is possible to recover the password?Many thanks.
  3. Sysmac Studio Explicit Message Help

    Dear Friend. we can try on NX1P2 with Compact L32E Rockwell cpu? Please advise if it can be do. Many thanks,
  4. I tried connect EK1100 direct with TC3 and check all IO module OK. but connect to Omron PLC error. Pls help me to look this issued. Many thanks  
  5. Dear all. I found this issued cause by 3 module analog. Node 6,7and 8. The Sysmac studio show " not checked" and download not ok. If remove 3 module and download back and work is OK. I dont know why? It ok only digital module not for analog module. Can you pls advise to me how to solve this issued. 
  6. Thanks. Let me try.
  7. Dear  Thanks. Has tried direct from PLC to IN port of EK1100. Let me check something and try again. Thank you so much.    
  8. Hi. Thank for your info. I tried to write slave node add. But can not write to EK1100. It show wrong connect. But I connect from Ethercat port of NX1P direct to EK1100. And tried connect to ethernet switch but the result is the same. I don't know correct the revision of EK1100 but not show in the label. The led of Ethercat port flash.  Can you pls advise to me more if you have any idea to solve this issued. Im new with Omron and Beckhoff. Many thanks.    
  9. Dear. the Beckhoff coupler is EK1100. I has add ESI to Sysmac and add to Ethercat network. but not set address to EK1100. 
  10. Dear Friends. Can you pls share how to connect NX1P2 with Beckhoff Ethercat coupler? I tried but can not connect. Thank you so much.
  11. Hi Friend. I tried and it work OK for me. Thank you so much.
  12. Dear Friend. I understand now. thank you so much. BR
  13. Dear all. I have the issued with Sysmac Studio 1.30. it can not show the Library setting and Library create. just show the reference only. can you pls help me this issued. Many thanks.
  14. Dear Friend. I know that can be using EIP module. but I no have this Ethernet option module. only CFI41 module. BR